A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Participate in lgbt Pride Day activities and
with a Foundation Center library for grant
pass out leaflets to increase your membership.
sources (202) 331 1400.
Create a professional network nationwide that
Get to know your school s student organiza 
other alumni/ae can use when searching for
tion leaders.  Put them on your mailing list and
jobs in new areas.  This is also a help to new
keep in touch with them.
Form liaison contacts on campus among fac 
Form coalitions with other organizations that
ulty and staff so that your GALA has good
share your goals.  Together you have more
communications with every element of the
college or university.
Go after grants to help you with your projects.
Advocate for stronger security on campus.
You will probably need to establish a separate
Insist on police training for all security staff
non profit organization with 501(c) (3) desig 
members, improved lighting, escort services
nation from the U.S. Internal Revenue Ser 
after dark, reporting of crime statistics to all
vice.  This might be wise anyway so that con 
parents and students on a yearly basis.
tributors can take a tax deduction for their
donations.  However, you must be careful to
Form liaison contacts among your alumni/ae
keep the monies separate and spent in line
association or office so that your GALA has
with the purposes of the organization. Check
good communications with alumni.
Photo   1995 Alex Zaphiris
A l u m n i / a e   O r g a n i z i n g     M     2 1 1


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