L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Organize social events throughout the year in
Advocate for AIDS education on your cam 
different locations around the country where
alumni/ae are concentrated.  Advertise in local
papers to gather new members.
Conduct a safer sex education program.  Dis 
tribute condoms (e.g., in the school colors),
Set up a lgbt literature endowment fund
finger cots, and latex dams with instructions
through the college/university library.   There
on how to use them effectively and properly.
usually is a minimum amount to set up an
NetGALA has information on resources for
endowment, even as high as $10,000, but don t
these materials.
be discouraged by this.  Raising money for
such a fund can be a long range project that
Support your student health service by send 
everyone can enthusiastically relate to and
ing them information on AIDS education,
help out with.  Make sure the books purchased
films, videos, etc. that you think would be
through the fund have a specially designed
appropriate for your institution.  Make sure
bookplate that gives your organization credit.
your college or university s health department
Make sure the fund includes videos, maga 
is getting these materials.  Make sure they are
zines, compact disks, CD ROM, etc.  Until the
going to the health educator.  If the institution
fund is set up, make suggestions to the library
doesn t have a health education coordinator,
about books and other materials they should
lobby for one.
purchase. Have a book drive party and ask
attendees to bring a recent book to donate.
Participate with other GALA s in mutually
beneficial projects in your geographic area.
Develop a distribution list of everyone in the
administration and faculty that may potential 
Inform yourself, read, and attend conferences
ly interact with lgbt students and issues.  Make
such as the annual conference of The Cam 
them aware of the resources they can use to
paign to End Homophobia, the NGLTF spon 
help them do their job.  For example, send
sored Creating Change
Conference, the
them copies of brochures including informa 
South East Conference for Lesbians and Gay
tion on costs and how to order them.  Prepare
Men, the Desert States Conference, the Hori 
a special bibliography for them that has the
zons Conference (Chicago), etc.  Pick what
endorsement of your organization.  Make sure
you think might be best for you.  You ll come
they are aware of all the resources at their dis 
up with lots of ideas and resources at these
Prepare a special informational kit on homo 
Join NetGALA and support its activities and
sexuality to send to the churches near your
college or university which serve the student
population.  Do the same for the campus reli 
gious groups.  Offer to speak to them also.
Hook up with the statewide lgbt advocacy
NetGALA can suggest appropriate brochures
group in the state where your college or uni 
for such a project.
versity is located.  Work with them to institute
changes in state laws and policies that affect
your college or university, i.e. sodomy laws,
Establish a good relationship with your insti 
AIDS legislation, etc.
tution s financial aid director.  Sometimes
when a student comes out to his or her parents
they can be cut off from any further financial
Do you have a local cablevision company?
assistance from their family.  Work with the
Sometimes you can get courses for nothing or
financial aid director to establish a policy for
next to nothing and use their equipment for
dealing with these students quickly and fairly.
free to do programming.  Do public service
Advocate for a special fund to cover students
announcements or spots to air on your col 
in this situation.
lege/university television station.  You can
also do programming about your college/uni 
versity.  Be creative and imaginative.
2 1 0
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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