A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Advocate for the elimination from
Sponsor a lgbt film series.  See Chapter
recruiting on campus by groups who
6, "Educating Your Campus," for tips
discriminate against lgbt people.
on conducting a campus film series.   
Take a position on ROTC, publicize it,
Sponsor a lgbt speakers program and
and send letters to the U.S. Secretary of
bring noted guest speakers to campus,
even as few as three or four during the
academic year.  You could even inte 
Advocate for a campus housing policy
grate this with a film series.  You could
for lesbian and gay couples.  Are "non 
co sponsor it with the lgbt student
traditional" couples barred from school
organization or other sympathetic/
housing?  Help create a climate for
appropriate campus groups.
Provide financial grants to student lgbt
Lobby your school for a permanent
organizations, such as a grant at the
staff position for a director of a pro 
beginning of the year to enable the stu 
gram for lgbt concerns much like those
dents to get their organization moving,
that have been established on numer 
or perhaps a grant to enable the lgbt
ous campuses for other groups that are
students to place a full page display
targets of discrimination and oppres 
advertisement in the student newspaper
to publicize their lgbt awareness week
Advocate for a study of homophobia
and anti LGBT violence on campus
Participate in lgbt awareness week by
such as has been done at Rutgers Uni 
offering career forums for students to
versity, the University of Massachu 
discuss life in the workplace (corpo 
setts, the University of Minnesota, and
rate, unionized, volunteer)   being
lgbt in the "real world."
Advocate for professionally conducted
Start a big brother/sister or mentorship
lgbt sensitivity training for all those
network or program for those students
who provide services to students or
who would like to have alumni/ae con 
come into contact with students, e.g.,
faculty, administration officials, cam 
pus police, health service personnel,
Organize special homecoming activi 
resident assistants, or housing coun 
ties for returning lgbt alumni/ae during
homecoming weekend, including an
"official" hotel with a discounted room
Advocate for lgbt sensitivity training
block, weekend hospitality suite, cock 
for straight students.  Such a program
tail reception, Sunday brunch, alterna 
should provide professional training
tive events to the Saturday afternoon
and guidance, should be carefully
football game such as a tour of a local
monitored, and should be guided by
winery, museum or some other group
some form of quality control in terms
social event.  Receptions are good
of both content and process.
times for finding out what alumni/ae
are most interested in doing project 
wise.  Also encourage your members
Sponsor an educational display adver 
tising campaign in the student newspa 
to attend the "mainstream" events as
well and be OUT if they are comfort 
able doing so.
A l u m n i / a e   O r g a n i z i n g     M     2 0 9


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