L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
NetGALA s purposes are:
To provide leadership and support to
lgbt college and university alumni/ae
To provide an opportunity for profes 
sional and social networking;
To provide further opportunity to
advance the cause of lgbt civil rights;
To foster interest in and promote edu 
cational, civic and charitable activities
for the benefit of the lgbt community;
To promote and maintain an atmos 
phere of greater understanding, toler 
ance and cooperation by colleges and
universities toward their lgbt gradu 
Photo   1995 Alex Zaphiris
ates, students, faculty, and staff; 
The following is a list of suggested pro 
To develop and maintain an informa 
jects that may be undertaken by your
tion bank for lgbt alumni/ae and stu 
dent groups.
alumni association:
Advocate for the inclusion of "sexual
NetGALA publishes a quarterly newslet 
orientation" in your alma mater s
nondiscrimination policy.  (See Chap 
ter to disseminate information about lgbt
ter 7, "Organizing for a Campus Non 
alumni/ae groups, issues and activities.  It
discrimination Policy.)  Once accom 
also sponsors conferences which address
plished, see that the term appears in all
current issues of concern to lgbt alum 
places where the nondiscrimination
policy is published, i.e. student and
faculty handbooks, school catalog, etc.
NetGALA membership is open to all lgbt
If the mainstream alumni/ae associa 
alumni/ae associations of five or more
tion is a separate corporation, advocate
members which provide for the accep 
for the inclusion of "sexual orienta 
tance of their members without regard to
tion" in that institution s nondiscrimi 
race, creed, color, national original, reli 
nation policy.  Once accomplished, see
that the term appears in all places
gion, sex, sexual orientation, physical
where the nondiscrimination policy is
disability, age or lifestyle.  Individuals
published, i.e. student and faculty
wishing to subscribe to NetGALA s quar 
handbooks, school catalog, etc.
terly newsletter which features articles of
interest to GALAs as well as reports on
See that sexual orientation nondiscrim 
GALA activities nationwide, may do so
ination is in fact promoted and carried
out by school authorities.
by sending a check in the amount of $15
to NetGALA for a one year subscription.
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P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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