A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Will the group operate
to gay men and lesbians; placing educa 
with officers; will there be formal
tional advertisements in the campus
bylaws?  Are there sufficient members
newspaper and/or alumni/ae magazine.
to establish local chapters or will one
nationwide umbrella group suffice?
Additional project ideas are listed at the
end of this chapter.
Will members be assessed
for dues or will funds be solicited as
There has also been success in establish 
ing scholarship funds for students who
have been disowned by their parents after
Programs and Activities:
What types
coming out while still attending school.  
of programs and events will the GALA
sponsor?  Will they be held on or off
campus?  Will the group publish a
Initially, the founding members of the
newsletter and, if so, how frequently?
GALA may have to make a financial
commitment to cover the costs of mail 
Immediate decisions need not be made
ings to members and for programs.
concerning each of the above topics.
Activities need NOT be expensive.  Pro 
Some, such as organizational structure
grams should be well publicized through
and dues may be deferred until the group
the college/university press and local and
evolves.  A coordinator for the GALA,
national lgbt community media to help
however, should be designated at the first
attract new members and new financial
meeting.  Many, though not all, GALAs
resources.  Press releases, flyers and
appoint co coordinators to assure gender
posters on campus (especially at Home 
parity in the GALA s administration and
coming weekends and other alumni/ae
events) are useful means of broadening
the GALA base of support and increasing
Maintaining the GALA
the credibility of your group both with
After establishing the organization, the
the administration and among alumni/ae
coordinator(s) should investigate possi 
who have not yet joined.
ble activities, programs, and events the
GALA may wish to sponsor.  These
What is NetGALA?
activities can be held on or off campus
and can be formal or informal events.
The Network of Gay and Lesbian Alum 
Suggestions include: providing the stu 
ni Associations (NetGALA) is an organi 
dent group with financial support; AIDS
zation of  lgbt alumni/ae associations.  It
education programs (screening of films
provides national leadership and support
and videos, distribution of safer sex
to lgbt alumni/ae associations and serves
materials, etc.); anti violence projects;
as a clearinghouse for information and
amending the college/university non dis 
idea exchange.
crimination policy statement to include
the term "sexual orientation;" hosting
NetGALA was founded as the Northeast 
networking brunches, dinners and parties
ern Gay and Lesbian Alumni/ae Associa 
for members; participation in Pride Day
tion in 1985.  In 1987 it expanded to a
marches/festivals; sponsoring lectures on
national scope and changed the name
themes and issues of interest and concern
A l u m n i / a e   O r g a n i z i n g     M     2 0 7


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