L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
More often than not, such responses  
Electronic Organizing in Chapter 4,
by revealing prejudice and discrimination
"Basic Skills ).
  foster greater interest in starting a
GALA.  Some alumni/ae magazine "let 
ANNOUNCE the formation of the
ter wars" have lasted for months.  Be sure
GALA in national community papers by
to reply to every homophobic response.
sending out press releases.
VISIT the campus and talk to the student
CONTACT the campus lgbt student
groups (e.g. lgbt student groups, women s
group (if one exists) and obtain a list of
resource centers, human rights groups),
members who have graduated or, if con 
counselors, faculty, and staff to locate
fidentiality prohibits the release of former
potential support for the organization of
members  names and addresses, have the
the GALA.
student group mail out announcements.
NOTIFY NetGALA (see shaded box on
previous page) that the GALA is being
formed.  NetGALA may be able to direct
you to a GALA that has already been
organized for a comparable college/uni 
versity that can help you in your organiz 
ing.  NetGALA also operates a referral
service which places graduates in touch
with their GALAs and may have the
names and addresses of potential mem 
bers in its files.
Organizing a GALA
After a few alumni/ae (usually around
five) have expressed interest in establish 
Photo   1995 Alex Zaphiris
ing a GALA, a meeting should be called
MEET with representatives of the col 
to discuss the group s aims and objectives
lege/university alumni office to discuss
and to draw up a statement of purpose.
your plans and to solicit support.  A writ 
The statement of purpose should be
ten agenda or outline is useful to keep
worded broadly enough to allow for flex 
any discussion focused and on track.
ibility in the future.
ADVERTISE the formation of the GALA
Topics to be discussed at the first meeting
in the lgbt community paper that publish 
should also include:
es in an area where there are large num 
Who will be able to join
bers of graduates from your school.  If the
  faculty, staff, students, friends of the
college/university publishes a directory
school   or will membership be
of alumni/ae use it to determine large
restricted to alumni/ae?  Will confiden 
concentrations for maximum publicity.
tiality be maintained for those mem 
bers who do not wish their names be
You may also want to post announce 
made public?
ments on  the Internet (see the section on
2 0 6
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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