L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
tic partners are included.  You may 
Consider working with student organi 
want to consider attempting to make 
zations on an lgbt pride celebration, per 
these  soft  benefits more inclusive 
haps in conjunction with community
first and approach the administration 
pride events typically scheduled during
for  hard  benefits, such as partner 
the month of June.  Other lgbt aware 
health care, later.
ness programs may be held in obser 
vance of World AIDS Day, Valentine's
Diversity Programs.  
Get involved in
Day or National Coming Out Day
diversity training programs.  Ask the
(October 11).  Contact the National
human resources department or those
Coming Out Project, (see Human
responsible for diversity education
Rights Campaign in Section III), for
whether sexual orientation is included
programming ideas.
in diversity programs.  Ask to be
involved in the review process for pro 
Scholarship Programs.
gram content.  Ask to be included when
establishing a lgbt scholarship program.
the programs include panels of women,
Many faculty/staff associations (often in
people of color and people with disabil 
conjunction with lgbt alumni groups)
ities.  These are great forums for raising
have created successful programs that
offer financial assistance to students
who have been cut off financially by
Other Employee Groups on Your
their families upon revealing their
Get involved with other
employee associations within the insti 
tution and look for opportunities to coa 
Other Philanthropy.
Get the campus
lesce.  You have much in common and
involved in AIDS Walks or
will need to work together on issues,
Danceathons.  The faculty/staff associa 
such as  diversity programs. Go to their
tion can enhance the institution s image
educational programs, fund raisers, and
in the community through participation
social events.  Ask how you can help
(and displaying the campus logo) at
them meet their goals.  Remember, we
such events.
are not just gay, lesbian, bisexual or
transgender; we are people of color,
Support Your Friends.
people with disabilities, older employ 
non LGBT allies as much as possible.
ees, blue collar workers, etc.  Get all of
Give an award each year to a straight
these people involved. We are not just
administrator or faculty member who
trying to improve the quality of work
has helped your cause. Invite your allies
life on our campus favorable to lgbt
to your dinners, events, or picnics.
employees.  Rather, our end goal should
be to make the institution more fair and
Stay Visible.
Above all, be as visible as
accessible to all people.
possible.  You will do lots of conscious 
ness raising and act as role models for
Pride Month Celebrations.
Many col 
those on campus who are still not able to
leges and universities hold special
be open about their sexuality.  
This is
events around certain important dates,
especially important with regard to lgbt
such as Black History Month, Chinese
and questioning students, who benefit
New Year, or Martin Luther King Day.
tremendously from exposure to openly 
2 0 2
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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