A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Membership Dues.  
Off Site Meetings.  
Charging dues is a way to build funds for
Consider holding a retreat for interested
your association.  If you decide to charge
parties off campus.  A retreat gives you
dues, make sure you communicate to
lots of time to discuss and reflect on the
your membership what their money is
purpose, objectives, structure and activi 
being used for, be it meeting space, mail 
ties for the future. 
ings, social activities, or other operating
Once Formed, Now What?
Diversity in Your Group.  
One of the most critical things you must
In addition to the social and support net 
do is ensure that your steering committee
working opportunities faculty/staff asso 
ciations offer to lgbts, they can be effec 
tive vehicles for changing the institution 
In addition to the social and
support networking opportu 
al climate and improving the quality of
nities faculty/staff associa 
work life on the campus. The following
tions offer to lgbts, they can
is a list of suggested changes you may
be effective vehicles for
want to work toward on your campus:
changing the institutional cli 
EEO Changes.
Make sure the institu 
mate and improving the qual 
tion has sexual orientation included in
ity of work life on the cam 
its equal employment opportunity
statement.  Since the federal govern 
ment does not provide remedies for
and outreach efforts reflect inclusiveness
discrimination and only nine states
and respect for diversity.  Include people
have taken proactive action on their
of color, women, and retired faculty and
own, lgbt employees must look to indi 
staff.  Diverse associations made up of
vidual employers for this protection.
people from a wide array of ethnicities,
This policy is the minimum commit 
races, administrative levels and faculty
ment a college or university can make
ranks can be extremely effective in
to its lgbt employees.
achieving broad consensus among mem 
bers and are more effective in building
coalitions across campus.
(See Chapter 15, "Domestic
Partner Organizing)  There are many
things other than health care that cost
One of the primary tensions in
the institution little or nothing and in
faculty/staff groups is the perceived divi 
which domestic partners could be
sion between faculty and professional
included.  These so called  soft  bene 
staff and clerical, technical and mainte 
fits may include: adoption leave, fami 
nance staff.  It is important to create an
ly leave, bereavement leave, child care
environment that is comfortable to all
benefits, relocation benefits, recreation
classifications of employees and atten 
center memberships, library cards,
dant to their various needs.  The group
employer paid travel, employee assis 
might need to undertake specific discus 
tance programs, and product and ser 
sions about issues of class in the academy
vice discounts.  You will have to do
in order to accomplish this. 
some research to figure out what your 
campus s policy is and whether domes
F a c u l t y / S t a f f   O r g a n i z i n g     M     2 0 1


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