L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
institutional logo, reserve campus facili 
Make every effort to assure that mem 
ties and apply for funds.  Contact the
bers  confidentiality will be honored.  If
appropriate office (usually in Student
you mail information, use initials on the
Affairs), inform them that you are start 
return address, e.g. LG BFSA, instead of
ing a faculty/staff association, and ask to
the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual
start the process for becoming an official
Faculty/Staff Association.  While we
campus group.  You will generally be
might want everyone to be out and proud
asked to present a constitution or mission
in the workplace, not everyone is able to
statement and name some officers.  On
do so, for myriad reasons.  We need to
some campuses, groups considered
create safety for people by honoring their
"political" are restricted from official
right to privacy.   One of your main
campus recognition.  You ll need to
objectives is to help create a positive
explore your campus policies in this
environment in which people feel sup 
regard and proceed accordingly.
ported in their coming out process.
Determine Your Purpose.   
Decide what kind of association you want
The work of employee asso 
to be.  Do you see yourselves primarily a
ciations contributes substan 
social organization or an advocacy group
tially to our movement for
to work within the institution to obtain
equal rights.  In times when
equal benefits and raise awareness, or
the political climate is less
both?  Many of the successful
than favorable to lgbts, the
faculty/staff associations have made
workplace is one arena in
these decisions up front so that they know
which gains are still possi 
what objectives to try to attain.
Establish A Structure.  
What kind of organizational structure do
At first, some lgbt faculty and staff may
you want the association to have?  It s
not yet be ready to disclose their sexuali 
often useful to establish a steering com 
ty to students.  In addition, faculty and
mittee charged with making such deci 
staff might have different needs and
sions.  Some groups have successfully
agendas for their organizing than students
used the consensus approach. Others
might have for theirs.  It therefore may be
have adopted a more formal approach,
necessary to exclude students from your
electing a chair, vice chair, secretary, and
meetings, at least during the start up peri 
treasurer, clearly delineating those
od.  At some point, however, it will pos 
responsible for speaking for the group
sible to form productive social and issue 
and making decisions on its behalf.
based partnerships with lgbt student
Whatever decision making structure you
choose, be sure to include women, people
of color, and people representing other
Official Recognition.  
minority groups in the process.  Some
Most campuses have a process for for 
groups have found success in delaying
mally recognizing student, faculty and
structural decisions until a sufficient
staff groups.  This official recognition
number of diverse stakeholders have had
often brings with it the right to use the
an opportunity to offer input.
2 0 0
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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