Chapter 10:
LGBT Faculty/Staff Organizing
Adapted By Curtis F. Shepard, Ph.D
Issues to Consider When 
Getting Started
Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
Identifying Employees.  
employee associations can be very effec 
The first issue to tackle is identifying lgbt
tive in getting corporations, labor organi 
faculty and staff who might want to join
zations, governmental agencies, higher
together in an association.  This is diffi 
education institutions and non profit
cult because, of course, no records are
organizations to address sexual orienta 
kept of an employee's sexual orientation,
tion issues in the workplace.  Employee
a situation that is further complicated by
associations also can provide employees
the fact that many employees cannot be
with a forum for support, networking and
open about their sexuality and will have
organizing around lgbt issues.  Perhaps
some fear about the confidentiality of the
most importantly, the work of employee
association.  Many faculty/staff organiza 
associations contributes substantially to
tions have been launched with a social
our movement for equal rights.  In times
event such as a picnic or a luncheon, pos 
when the political climate is less than
sibly off site, as some will feel more
favorable to lgbts, the workplace is one
comfortable away from the campus.  Ini 
arena in which gains are still possible.  
tially, you may want to rely primarily on
a word of mouth network in notifying
College and university staff and faculty
people about the event.  Other methods of
are an important part of the ongoing
advertising include:  the personals or cal 
explosion in lgbt workplace organizing.
endar section of local gay newspapers;
No specific recipe can be given on how to
campus diversity newsletters, bulletin
organize since every workplace has its
boards, the Internet and e mail. Identify
own culture.  The following section is
key non gay employees who are support 
designed as a general framework for con 
ive and can strategically assist you in
your outreach efforts.
This chapter was adapted from NGLTF's 
Organizing a Gay and Lesbian Employee
F a c u l t y / S t a f f   O r g a n i z i n g
M     1 9 9


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