A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
National AIDS Education and Advo 
cacy Organizations
Finally, the CDC Clearinghouse s gopher
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
site contains the AIDS Daily Summary,
National AIDS Clearinghouse Internet
AIDS related Morbidity and Mortality
include a listserve of AIDS 
Weekly Report articles, tables from the
related news, an anonymous FTP site and
CDC s HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report,
a gopher server.  The CDC Clearinghouse
and other CDC documents.  Basic
maintains an Internet mailbox to which
HIV/AIDS related information is avail 
users may send reference questions,
able, as well as information about pre 
orders for free publications and general
vention, treatment and living with HIV.
inquiries.  To correspond with the Clear 
To reach the Clearinghouse s gopher,
inghouse, send e mail to aidsinfo@cdc 
point your gopher client to the address
nac.aspensys.com.  The Clearinghouse
cdcnac.aspensys.com and select CDC
also maintains a read only mailing list for
NAC from the first menu.  To point
individuals who wish to receive AIDS 
directly to the CDC NAC gopher, point to
related documents from CDC, including
the address cdcnac.aspensys.com 72 (port
the AIDS Daily Summary, selected Mor 
72).  If using Mosaic or similar Internet
bidity and Mortality Weekly Report arti 
software, the URL is:
cles, CDC National AIDS Hotline Train 
ing Bulletins, and fact sheets.  The list 
serve also distributes press releases from
other public health service agencies such
National AIDS Network
as the National Institutes of Health.  To
1012 14th Street, NW, Suite 601
subscribe, Internet users should send the
Washington, DC,  20009
202/293 2437  
"subscribe aidsnews firstname lastname"
NAN provides information and referrals
to AIDS educators and service profes 
to listserve@cdcnac.aspensys.com.  The
Clearinghouse s anonymous FTP site
contains files of documents such as the
National Association of People With
current HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report,
the Agency for Health Care Policy and
2025 I Street, NW
Research s clinical practice guidelines,
Washington, DC  20006
including Understanding HIV:  Con 
202/429 2856  
sumer Guidelines and Managing Early
HIV Infection:  Quick Reference Guide 
NAPWA represents the concerns of peo 
lines, pathfinder guides to AIDS informa 
ple with AIDS on matters of public poli 
tion and, in the future, the Clearinghouse 
 s Standard Search Series.  The files are
located in the /pub/cdcnac directory.  If
using Netscape or similar Internet soft 
ware, the universal resource locator
(URL) address is:
R e s p o n d i n g   t o   A I D S / H I V
M     1 9 7


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