L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Times," "Safe Sex Guidelines for Women
from Brown are flyers on AIDS and safer
at Risk for AIDS Transmission," "AIDS
sex prepared by the Brown Lesbian/Gay
in the Workplace," "Alcohol, Drugs &
Student Alliance and the Student AIDS
AIDS," "Shooting Up and Your Health,"
Task Force.  To obtain these and other
" Poppers and AIDS," " The AIDS Hot 
AIDS education materials, contact:
line Training Manual," and "Designing
an Effective AIDS Prevention Campaign
Office of Health Education
Strategy." Some of these publications are
Brown University
available in Spanish and Chinese.  The
Providence, RI  02919
SF AIDS Foundation also sells resource
401/863 2794
guides for health care personnel and edu 
cators, as well as AIDS videos, posters,
Columbia University.  
pins, and condoms.  To obtain an order
Columbia AIDS publications include
form or a sampler packet, contact:
"Information About AIDS for the Colum 
bia Community," a 31 page booklet with
The San Francisco AIDS Foundation,
information about AIDS, the HIV anti 
Materials Distribution Department
body test, and safer sex guidelines.  To
333 Valencia Street, 4th floor
obtain this and other AIDS education
San Francisco, CA  94103,
information, contact:
415/861 3397
Columbia Gay Health Advocacy Project
Whitman Walker Clinic (Washington
4th Floor, John Jay Hall
Columbia University
Publications available from the Whitman
New York, NY  10027
Walker Clinic include:  "Safer Sex:  You
212/280 2878 or 212/280 2286
Don t Have To Do It Alone," "Staying
Healthy:  AIDS Information for Gay
University of California at Berkeley.  
Men," and "Alcohol, Drugs, AIDS and
UC Berkeley AIDS publications include
Your Health."  For more information,
a 64 page booklet entitled "AIDS Educa 
tion on the College Campus," which
explores how to set up an AIDS educa 
The Whitman Walker Clinic
tion program on campus.  For more infor 
1407 S Street, NW
mation, contact:
Washington,  DC  20009
202/332 6483.
Health Promotion Office
381 Cowell Hospital
Student Health Service
College and University AIDS Publica 
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA  94720
510/642 7202.
Brown University.  
Brown AIDS education materials include
Note: If your college or university pub 
a 16 page booklet entitled "AIDS: Infor 
lishes AIDS educational materials, please
mation for the Brown Community" and a
send copies of them to the NGLTF Cam 
flyer, "What You Should Know About
pus Project and we will list them in this
AIDS and IV Drug Use."  Also available
resource guide.
1 9 6
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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