A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
are also available. To obtain materials,
Health Education and Resource Organi 
zation (HERO).  
Hero publications include:  "Safe Sex
The American Red Cross
Guidelines for Men and Women Con 
2025 E Street, NW
cerned About AIDS," and "AIDS Precau 
Washington, DC  20006
tions for the First Responder."  For more
202/737 8300
information, contact:
California AIDS Information Clearing 
101 West Read Street, Suite 812
Based at the Los Angeles Gay and Les 
Baltimore, MD  21201
bian Community Services Center, the
301/945 AIDS.
Clearinghouse offers resource informa 
tion about AIDS service organizations,
San Francisco AIDS Foundation.  
prevention education materials and
Some of the SF AIDS Foundation publi 
brochure distribution.  Contact:
cations available for sale include:  "AIDS
Lifeline," "Straight Talk About Sex and
California AIDS Information
AIDS," "Women and AIDS," "Your Child
and AIDS," "When A Friend Has AIDS,"
1625 N. Schrader
"Fact vs. Fiction: Ten Things You Should
Hollywood, CA  90028
213/993 7415
Gay Men s Health Crisis (GMHC)
GMHC publishes a wide range of
brochures and booklets on AIDS.  Publi 
cations include:  "Safer Sex Guidelines,"
"Medical Answers about AIDS,"
"Women and AIDS," "Condom Guide for
Men and Women," "Legal Answers about
AIDS," "Infection Protection Guidelines
for People with AIDS," "GMHC Volun 
teer Training Manual," "Eroticizing Safer
Sex Workshop Manual," "Safer Sex
Comix," and more.  Some Publications
are available in Spanish and Mandarin
Know about AIDS," "AIDS Antibody
Chinese. Various posters and buttons on
Testing at Alternative Test Sites," "Les 
safer sex and AIDS can also be pur 
bians and AIDS: What s the Connec 
chased.  To obtain a publication order
tion?," "AIDS: A Self Care Manual,"
form or to place an order, contact:
"Coping With AIDS," "The Family s
Guide to AIDS," "AIDS Medical Guide,"
"AIDS and Your Legal Rights," "Infor 
Box 274, 132 West 24th Street
mation for People of Color," "Reaching
New York, NY 10011
Ethnic Communities in the Fight Against
212/807 7517.
AIDS," AIDS Safe Sex Guidelines,"
"Can We Talk?," "The Hot n'Healthy
R e s p o n d i n g   t o   A I D S / H I V
M     1 9 5


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