L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Programs should involve the campus
AIDS Project Los Angeles
community in planning programs
1313 N. Vine Street
By soliciting input, you will
Los Angeles, CA  90028
ensure that your program will address
213/993 1600
the needs and interests of the entire
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
AHF provides all services to people with
Programs should address diverse
AIDS from the initial clinic screening
.  Offer presentations on topics
through hospice care.  There are over a
that deal with the complexity of the
dozen treatment and service sites in the
AIDS epidemic.  For instance, topics
greater Los Angeles area.  For more
should address the needs of women,
information contact:
minorities, and those with physical dis 
abilities and chronic illness.  Other
AHF Executive Offices
appropriate topics include sexuality,
6255 W. Sunset Blvd., 16th Floor
sexual diversity, and drug and alcohol
Los Angeles, CA  90028 7403
213/462 2273 or 800/AHF 2101
American College Health Association
AIDS Resources for Colleges and
ACHA publications include:  "AIDS on
the College Campus: An ACHA Special
Below is a listing of organizations and
Report." This booklet examines AIDS
universities that have published informa 
from a campus perspective, and includes
tion on AIDS and safer sex.  Before
information on housing, testing, confi 
developing your own AIDS education
dentiality and education.  ACHA educa 
materials or AIDS policies, we suggest
tional flyers include "Making Sex Safer,"
that you obtain samples of existing flyers,
"Safer Sex," "The HIV Antibody Test,"
booklets, and training materials.  Why
and "AIDS:  What Everyone Should
"reinvent the wheel" when there are
Know."  For more information, contact:
already some outstanding AIDS/HIV
publications already in existence?
15889 Crabb Branch Way
AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA)  
Rockville, MD  20855
APLA is a non profit, community based
301/963 1100.
organization dedicated to supporting and
maintaining the best possible quality of
American Red Cross.  
life for persons affected by, infected by,
Red Cross publications include:  "AIDS,
and at risk for HIV in Los Angeles
Sex and You," "If Your Test for Antibody
County.  APLA also works to reduce the
to the AIDS Virus is Positive," "AIDS
incidence of HIV infection by providing
and Your Job   Are there Risks?," "Caring
risk reduction, prevention education and
for the AIDS Patient at Home," "Facts
information to the general public.  Write
About AIDS and Drug Abuse," "Gay and
or call:
Bisexual Men and AIDS." Films and
posters on AIDS and AIDS prevention
1 9 4
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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