A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
port for those trying to cope with surviv 
particular concern to women, the dis 
ing this epidemic.  Listed below are a
abled, and people of color?  Remember
number of projects focusing on AIDS
that in order to reach the widest possi 
that student and alumni/ae groups may
ble audience, your programming
want to initiate.  Of course, the scope of
should reflect the diversity of your
your efforts will depend upon your
resources   both human and financial.
Run a rap group for gay students on
Offer AIDS referrals.
LGBT campus
AIDS has created enormous
organizations can act as a clearing 
stresses for everyone and raises all
house, directing people on campus to
kinds of issues   from internalized
local AIDS service agencies, hotlines,
homophobia to safer sex.  Consider
doctors, HIV testing sites, and counsel 
running a peer group or ask a counselor
ing and support groups.
that you trust if s/he could facilitate
such a group.
Set up a resource center.
AIDS educational materials from other
campuses and from AIDS service orga 
Document AIDS and gay related dis 
crimination and violence
and report
nizations.  Develop a small library of
such incidents to the university (allow 
these materials in the lgbt student
ing for anonymity, if the victim wish 
group office (if one exists) or some 
es).  Keeping track of such incidents
where accessible to students needing
will help in promoting college action
such information.
on AIDS and homophobia.
Distribute AIDS information pam 
phlets and literature.
Busy public
Basic Programming Guidelines
places such as student unions, resi 
dence halls and health centers are often
In developing AIDS education programs,
ideal places to hand out or leave infor 
student groups and college officials
mation pamphlets.  Campus media
should consider a few basic guidelines:
such as newspapers, radio or television
can run stories on AIDS issues.
Make programs visible and accessi 
.  To avoid the stereotype that AIDS
is a "gay disease," it is best if campus 
Hold special events on AIDS.
wide AIDS programs are co sponsored
can be short programs or parts of a
by non LGBT (as well as lgbt) groups.
whole day or week of events devoted
to exploring AIDS issues.  Programs
may include guest speakers, panel dis 
Programs should ensure confiden 
.  Some people seeking informa 
cussions, group discussions, theater
tion from your organization may be
and film presentations, and workshops.
fearful of others knowing about their
When scheduling a series of programs
concerns regarding AIDS.  They need
  as in the case of an "AIDS Aware 
to feel confident that your organization
ness Week"   keep the topics diverse
takes confidentiality seriously and that
in order to meet the interests and needs
your AIDS information is accurate.
of the community.  Evaluate the topics
covered.  Are issues addressed that of
R e s p o n d i n g   t o   A I D S / H I V
M     1 9 3


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