L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
The Role of Gay and Lesbian
a comprehensive education program
Campus Organizations
focusing on AIDS and other lgbt health
concerns.  In response to AIDS, a
The college or university administration
growing number of colleges have
should assume primary responsibility for
already hired such staff;
promoting AIDS awareness and combat 
ing AIDS discrimination.  LGBT student
Request that the student health center
and alumni/ae organizations should be
provide free condoms and safer sex
among those involved in the planning and
kits.  A safer sex kit might contain, for
implementation of AIDS education pro 
instance, two condoms, a latex barrier,
grams and policies.  
KY Jelly and a pamphlet explaining
safer sex guidelines (To obtain con 
As members of a community hard hit by
doms in bulk quantities, see the "Con 
the disease, lgbt people have a right to
dom/Sex Education Resources" at the
expect action and to have a say in deci 
end of this chapter.); and
sions that will affect their lives.
Although lesbians are not considered to
Request that the health center offer in 
be at high risk for AIDS, they neverthe 
depth AIDS education training for vol 
less confront discrimination associated
unteer peer AIDS educators.  Some
with the disease and should be encour 
type of AIDS education should also be
aged to participate in efforts to combat it.
a part of the standard training for resi 
dent advisors and medical and counsel 
In the absence of a full scale effort to
ing staff.
combat AIDS, both lgbt and non lgbt stu 
dent and alumni/ae groups should
Some schools may be receptive to pro 
encourage and assist college administra 
posals and involvement by lgbt groups.
tions in acting responsibly.  They should
Others will not, and may require pressure
meet together with campus officials to
  from both on and off campus   to
urge both the adoption of an unofficial
deal with AIDS in a sane and compas 
policy on HIV infection and AIDS, and
sionate way.  If the school is reluctant or
the establishment of a full scale AIDS
unwilling to take appropriate measures,
education program.  Some possible AIDS
students may need to organize for
initiatives are suggested below:
change.  Meetings, petition drives, reso 
Request the establishment of an official
lutions from your student government
policy on HIV infection and AIDS that
association, calls and letters from sup 
includes a focus on such issues as
portive parents and alumni/ae, and   as
health care, housing and employment.
a last resort   direct action (demonstra 
(For information about model AIDS
tions, sit ins, etc.) may be necessary to
policies, contact the American College
foster action.
Health Association at the address listed
at the end of this chapter.);
Programs sponsored by lgbt campus
Request that the administration hire a
Whether or not colleges take official
health education coordinator who
action, lgbt students should educate
would have responsibility for planning
themselves about AIDS and provide sup 
1 9 2
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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