A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
is a matter of official concern.  Victims
other potential offenders about the lack
are thus encouraged to report, even when
of tolerance for this behavior.  Further 
the perpetrators cannot be identified.
more, the results of disciplinary hear 
ings should be made public.  Remem 
Victim assistance.
To minimize the
potential trauma of anti LGBT and
To minimize the potential
other hate incidents, services for vic 
trauma of anti LGBT and oth 
tims should be established to provide
er hate incidents, services
advocacy, counseling, peer support
for victims should be estab 
and, if necessary, assistance in dealing
lished to provide advocacy,
with the criminal justice system.  Staff
counseling, peer support
dealing with victims   including resi 
and, if necessary, assistance
dent advisors, campus security and stu 
in dealing with the criminal
dent life personnel   should receive
justice system.
training on how to sensitively and
competently deal with victims and
ber, bias related incidents affect the
their loved ones.  Other support can
entire community as well as the indi 
include the establishment by the
vidual victim.  According to the New
administration and alumni/ae of a vic 
York State Task Force on Bias Related
tim assistance fund.  Victims, like
Schools should experiment
defendants, deserve the right to be
with modes of widely reporting the out 
heard in the judicial process, including
come of disciplinary processes in cases
the right to make a victim impact state 
of strong campus interest and concern.
ment.  Such statements, which are usu 
Bias violence cases affect a community
ally made in writing or before the
that has a right to knowledge of the
offender and those who will administer
discipline, allow victims to express
their feelings about the incident and
how they wish punishment be
4) Education.  
imposed.  Although some victims may
Education is the only known method of
choose not to make such a statement,
overcoming the prejudice that leads to
the option should always be available
acts of discrimination, harassment and
to them.  Organizations representing
violence.  Promoting respect for human
communities affected by the incident
diversity must be a high priority for the
should have an opportunity to be heard
administration, faculty, staff and stu 
as well.
Students found to have
From orientation onward, students should
engaged in bias related harassment or
receive clear and repeated messages that
violence should be disciplined appro 
priately.  To treat such acts as childish
encourage appreciation for diversity and
pranks is to ignore the profound impact
that discourage acts of intolerance.  To
of these incidents on both the victim
that end, the university should sponsor
and the larger community.  Discipline
speakers, cultural events, and other types
which holds the offender accountable
of affirmative programming.  Moreover,
for his/her actions sends a message to
the curricula should be evaluated and,
O r g a n i z i n g   A g a i n s t   H a t e     M     1 8 5


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