L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
3) Establish formal procedures for
victims of bias incidents seldom
handling harassment.  
inform the authorities.  This reluctance
Every college and university needs to
is often compounded by confusion
develop an easy to access process for
about where to go and how to proceed
handling cases of bias related harassment
with a complaint.  The opening of a
and violence on campus.  Certain offices
special harassment hotline (emphasiz 
(e.g., the dean of students, campus police,
ing confidentiality and anonymity) can
office of human relations) should be des 
help victims take the first step.  Report 
ignated to receive and respond to reports.
ing of bias incidents is also facilitated
Some aspects of a comprehensive
by disseminating information (such as
approach to bias incidents are discussed
brochures, posters and videos) encour 
aging victims to step forward and
explaining how to proceed.
Priority Handling.
Bias incidents
should receive priority treatment in
Anti bias Task Force.
Another way
terms of investigation and adjudica 
to raise awareness and levels of report 
tion.  The handling of each case should
ing is to establish a task force on bias
be monitored by high level administra 
motivated harassment and violence.
tors, with special attention given to
Composed of students, staff, faculty
developing strategies for averting addi 
and administration, such a task force
tional outbreaks of prejudice and vio 
could monitor and guide the universi 
lence.  Tensions can be calmed and fur 
ty s response to bias incidents, provide
ther incidents deterred by prompt offi 
advocacy for victims, develop materi 
cial statements that vigorously con 
als and programming to encourage
demn acts of bigotry and assure a thor 
reporting, and conduct educational
ough investigation.  When appropriate,
programs aimed at prejudice reduction.
administrators should call on local or
To be effective, an anti bias task force
federal law enforcement agencies to
must reflect the diversity of the campus
assist in the investigation of bias
community (especially those groups
targeted for harassment) and be provid 
ed with adequate financial resources to
Plans should also be in place for rumor
carry out its mission.
control, external publicity, and imme 
diate removal of offensive graffiti.
Data collection.
A system should be
(Note:  graffiti should not be removed
established to identify, classify, and
until it is photographed and inspected
compile information on bias related
for evidence.)  Furthermore, campus
incidents.  Data on such incidents can
officials should have a policy for deal 
then be regularly evaluated as part of
ing with the hate mongering presence
an assessment of the campus environ 
of extremist speakers.  
ment and the possible need for inter 
ventions.  By sharing these data with
the campus community, the adminis 
Encourage reporting.
College offi 
tration can show its ongoing commit 
cials can do little about episodes of
ment to dealing with the problem.
harassment on campus if they are not
Periodic reports also signal to minori 
reported.  Yet research indicates that
ties and women that their victimization
1 8 4
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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