A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Report on the Quality of Life for Lesbian,
university s commitment to protecting
Gay and Bisexual Students at the Univer 
individuals of different identities, back 
sity of Massachusetts at Amherst  by
grounds, and beliefs.  Furthermore,
Felice Yeskel (an unpublished manu 
harassment policies should explain possi 
script available from the Stonewall Cen 
ble disciplinary outcomes for those found
ter, Crampton House SW, University of
to have engaged in bias related harass 
Massachusetts, Amherst, MA  01003;
ment, and the process by which victims
413/545 4824).
may file complaints against perpetrators.
The severity of the problems were thus
Harassment policies have little or no
brought to the attention of the administra 
deterrent effect if they are not widely
tion.  Since the release of the final report,
publicized.  Accordingly, they should be
a number of its recommendations  
regularly brought to the attention of the
including the creation of a full time,
campus community   at orientation, at
staffed program for lgbt concerns   have
campus wide meetings, in the student
been implemented.  
handbook, and on campus bulletin
Responding to Bias Incidents on
Campus: Recommendations
When a pattern of bias incidents emerges,
or in the wake of a particularly serious
College and university administrations
incident, special efforts should be made
have a legal and moral obligation to com 
to again bring the policy to everyone s
bat bias motivated harassment.  More 
over, their response should be compre 
hensive rather than piecemeal, addressing
2) Adopt a Campus wide Policy Pro 
underlying causes rather than just simply
hibiting Discrimination Based on Sex 
reacting to the symptoms.  The following
ual Orientation.  
recommendations, many of which have
It is inconsistent to prohibit anti LGBT
been adopted by colleges across the
harassment while permitting the targets
country, are offered to facilitate positive
of such abuse to suffer officially sanc 
action.  NGLTF welcomes feedback and
tioned discrimination in employment,
additional recommendations.
admission, housing, receipt of university
services and so on.  An administration s
1) Adopt a Policy Concerning Bias 
failure to protect individuals from dis 
related Harassment.  
crimination based on sexual orientation
Every school should adopt a policy that
sends a message to the campus communi 
condemns and prohibits harassment,
ty that lgbt students, staff and faculty are
intimidation and violence based on preju 
second class citizens.  Such unequal
dice.  It is very important that the policy
treatment encourages expressions of anti 
specifically mention the categories of
gay bigotry while discouraging lgbt peo 
individuals that are covered (including,
ple from reporting harassment and
but not limited to, sexual orientation,
receiving the education to which they are
race, religion, national origin, ethnicity,
gender, and disability) to underscore the
O r g a n i z i n g   A g a i n s t   H a t e     M     1 8 3


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