A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
ence   are most appropriate after you
dates for implementation.  The demands
have exhausted other means of persua 
included but were not limited to the fol 
sion, and are willing and prepared to
accept the possible consequences of vio 
lating campus regulations or the law.
1. An official condemnation by the
administration of both racist and homo 
Profiles of Organizing Efforts
phobic harassment and violence, and a
formal declaration of the university s pol 
The following are two case studies of
icy regarding the handling of such mat 
successful efforts to respond to anti 
LGBT bigotry on campus.  This informa 
tion was obtained from presentations on
2. The implementation of a minimum
campus organizing at NGLTF s national
penalty of expulsion for the perpetrators
Creating Change
conference in
of racist and homophobic harassment; 
November 1989.
3. A complete revision of police and
Brown University
security procedures used in investigating
During the final weeks of the 1989 spring
bias incidents; and 
semester, a series of overt racist and
homophobic incidents plagued the cam 
4. A meeting with the president of the
pus of Brown University in Providence,
university to discuss a long term agenda
Rhode Island.  Flyers were posted which
for combating homophobia and racism in
read "Keep White Supremacy Alive!!!
its many different forms in the university
Join The Brown Chapter of the KKK
Today!," and graffiti such as "Kill
Homos" was scrawled in several resi 
The strong and swift response on the part
dence halls.  No sooner was the graffiti
of students prompted Brown s president
erased than it reappeared again.
to send a letter concerning the incidents
to every member of the Brown communi 
In response to these incidents an open let 
ty and to the parents of every Brown stu 
ter to the Brown community was sent by
dent.  His letter vehemently condemned
"concerned members of the Third World
the incidents and outlined the measures
and Gay and Lesbian Community."  The
taken by the administration to identify the
letter explained that these episodes were
perpetrators, assist victims and improve
not isolated and were symptomatic of the
the campus environment.  Among the
bigotry that pervades society in general
steps taken were the following: 
and Brown in particular.
1. Security officers were assigned to 24 
Members of communities of color and
hour a day duty in the residence halls
lgbt communities also formed a coalition
where the incidents occurred; 
to respond to the incidents and the big 
otry that motivated them.  The Coalition
2. Deans and administrative personnel
compiled a list of demands and presented
were assigned to assist students and
it to the administration along with target
counselors in dealing with their concerns
about harassment; 
O r g a n i z i n g   A g a i n s t   H a t e     M     1 8 1


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