A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
a specific incident.
Instead, challenge
with you.  Bias motivated harassment is a
them to undertake a comprehensive
natural issue around which to build coali 
examination and response to bigotry.
tions.  Because bigotry in all its forms has
Suggested policies and programs are
similar dynamics and expressions, it
identified later in this section.
makes sense to promote comprehensive
solutions.  Indeed, to ignore certain types
Whatever goals and strategies you decide
of bigotry on campus while addressing
upon, it will be easier to move forward if
others may send a message that some
you develop a clear plan, and if the entire
groups are less equal than others.
group has had an opportunity to partici 
pate in decision making.  Such input
Sometimes lgbt organizers do not reach
expands the range of ideas and options,
out for support because it never occurs to
and gives members an opportunity to get
them to do so or because they are
excited about, and invested in, any pro 
rebuffed by organizations representing
posals that are made to the administra 
other minorities.  Sometimes lgbt stu 
tion.  It is also important for those who
dents fear that their concerns will be
will be negotiating with the school to
ignored or shunted aside in negotiations.
make sure they agree on the agenda,
Some may believe that coalitions are typ 
goals, and tactics.
ically too fragile or move too slowly to be
effective.  While it is often true that coali 
4) Build Awareness. 
tions take extra time and effort, when
Usually, although not always, it helps the
lgbt, racial, religious, women s, disability
negotiations inside if there are lots of
and other student groups join forces, it
folks making lots of noise outside.
can be enormously empowering.  Fur 
Chances are that the administration will
thermore, it can lead to dialogue that
take acts of bigotry more seriously if the
opens doors to mutual understanding and
problem is widely publicized and if your
proposed solutions are widely supported.
Accordingly, you and your allies must be
Imagine if, after an anti lgbt incident on
seen and heard.  Inform the campus
campus, the leadership of the African 
media about the problem.  Hold a forum
American student organization contacted
or speak out.  Ask the student and facul 
your group to express their concern and
ty governing bodies to pass resolutions
ask how they could be supportive of you.
condemning acts of hatred and to support
Chances are you would feel very grateful
your agenda.  Circulate petitions.  Ask
and much less isolated.  In the event of a
students, parents, faculty, and influential
racist episode, the African American stu 
outsiders to write letters to key officials.
dent organization and the African Amer 
In short, create a climate of moral outrage
ican lgbt people on campus might also
that will facilitate moral action.
appreciate the active support of the lgbt
student group.  In other words, don t wait
5) Coalitions.
for anti gay incidents to occur to speak
Before finalizing your program consider
up and reach out.  
meeting with groups representing other
minorities and women to find out whether
Providing genuine support to other
they are interested in working together
groups that are the targets of bigotry is
O r g a n i z i n g   A g a i n s t   H a t e     M     1 7 9


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