L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
The aftermath of bias incidents often
Whenever harassment, discrimination or
leaves victims feeling isolated.  It is
violence occur, document everything.
important, therefore, that they receive
Write down exactly what happened and
emotional support.  Let them know you
when and where it occurred.  Record the
care. Affirm them in the choices they
names or descriptions of perpetrators.
make.  Victims may choose not to report
Record names of witnesses.  Make copies
harassment because they do not want to
of hate mail.  Never give away your only
come out publicly, they want to put the
copy, even to the authorities.  Keep a
experience behind them, or they fear
careful log of hate calls, and make a tape
being re victimized. Whatever the rea 
of hate calls recorded on your answering
sons, their decisions deserve to be
Photograph physical injuries, offensive
If, on the other hand, victims decide to
graffiti and other vandalism.  This infor 
make a report, get behind them.  Find out
mation may prove useful as evidence in
what the official channels are for report 
criminal proceedings.  When compiling
ing such episodes and help them through
documentation, keep confidentiality in
the process.  It may be appropriate to file
mind.  Avoid including victims  names in
reports with the campus police, resident
your records unless you have their per 
advisors, the dean of students, the cam 
pus EEO office and/or the local lgbt anti 
violence project.
If possible, conduct a survey of lgbt stu 
dents to gauge levels of harassment, dis 
Reporting harassment to the authorities is
crimination and fear.  Social research
often an intimidating experience, espe 
departments at your school may be able
cially for lgbt people.  It can be enor 
to assist in such endeavors.  NGLTF can
mously helpful for victims if others
also provide assistance, including general
accompany them when they make a
guidelines and sample questionnaires.
report.  Choose one or more persons who
can assist in making the report and in
3) Set A Community Organizing and
monitoring the school s handling of the
Education Agenda.  
Although acts of bigotry are ugly and
offensive, they also afford all concerned a
2) Document Anti LGBT Harassment
prime opportunity to educate and orga 
and Discrimination. 
nize.  While it is natural to want to vent
Although Federal law mandates the
all your anger at the perpetrators, it is
tracking of bias related incidents, includ 
important to keep in mind that hate moti 
ing homophobic ones, campus and law
vated incidents are just symptoms of the
enforcement officials often don't do this
much larger problems of bigotry and
and are inclined to deny or minimize the
oppression   problems for which the
existence of bias incidents.  By keeping
college administration must take a prima 
detailed information on incidents that
ry role in addressing.  
occur, you can establish that they are not
isolated, and strengthen your case for
Do not let administrators off the hook by
appropriate official action.
making some token gesture in response to
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P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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