L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Michigan State University (MSU):  At
A series of campus studies of anti LGBT
the close of Michigan State Universi 
victimization conducted in the late 1980s
ty s Gay and Lesbian Pride Week, van 
dals covered a bridge on campus with
and early 1990s at Oberlin, Rutgers, Penn
more than fifty anti gay messages.
State, Yale and the University of Oregon
Some of the chalked messages includ 
indicated that between three and five per 
ed "Death To Gays," "No More Homo
cent of respondents had been the target of
Publicity, It Makes Me Sick!," and
anti gay physical assaults at some point
"Your Kind Will Die of AIDS."  Short 
ly thereafter, a member of the MSU
in their college careers; 16 to 26 percent
gay campus group discovered that his
had been threatened with violence and 40
car had been doused with gasoline; and
to 76 percent had been verbally harassed.
("Anti Gay/Lesbian Violence, Victimiza 
University of New Mexico :  $20,000
tion and Harassment in 1990," NGLTF
worth of journals addressing gay & les 
Policy Institute, 1991.)
bian issues and feminism were
destroyed or stolen from the library
and replaced with Nazi books, includ 
The impact of bias motivat 
ing titles such as  Pens under the
ed incidents  also extends
Swastika.   The incident is reportedly
beyond the individual who is
part of a string of hate crimes that have
targeted to all members of
recently plagued UNM.
the group.  Every taunt, act
of vandalism, object thrown,
Impact of Bias Incidents
and physical attack is an act
of terrorism that threatens
the collective security of all
To be a victim of harassment or violence
lgbt people.
is an ordeal, but to suffer such abuse
because of one s beliefs or identity only
The following are just a few of the anti 
compounds the victimization.  Each inci 
gay episodes reported to NGLTF in
dent of bias motivated harassment can
recent years:
trigger in victims feelings of guilt, self 
University of Delaware:  Campus side 
blame, isolation, alienation, fear, and
walks were scrawled with graffiti that
rage.  Each episode may also be a
read "Step Here, Kill A Queer," "Stay
reminder to the victim of all the abuse
in the Closet, Fag," and other threaten 
s/he has ever had to suffer at the hands of
ing and obscene messages;
others for being "different."
Boston University:  Several lesbians
sitting in a dorm lounge were called
The impact of bias motivated incidents
"f***ing dykes" and subjected to other
also extends beyond the individual who is
abusive language by a male student.
targeted to all members of the group.
The perpetrator then grabbed one of
Every taunt, act of vandalism, object
the women by the shoulders and
pushed her against a glass wall. When
thrown, and physical attack is an act of
the victim s lover intervened, he threat 
terrorism that threatens the collective
ened to kill her.  During the remainder
security of all lgbt people.  Such incidents
of the semester, the women were
make us more afraid to be open and visi 
repeatedly harassed by the perpetrator;
ble and thus undermine our freedoms of
speech, assembly and association.  Ulti 
mately, acts of bigotry create an atmos 
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P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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