A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
not advance such an initiative, at least not
University of Iowa
without the support of the Student Sen 
Interview with Sue Buckley, Director of
ate.  Before bringing it to the Student
the University of Iowa s Women s
Senate, activists met with several key
Resource and Action Center.
senators and persuaded them to advocate
on behalf of the initiative.  In addition,
The move to adopt a non discrimination
they documented and publicized cases of
policy at the University of Iowa grew out
anti lgbt discrimination, and vigorously
of concern about rising anti gay/lesbian
lobbied members of the Student Senate.
vandalism and graffiti on campus.  In
In the end, the Student Senate voted
order to combat the problem, Sue Buck 
unanimously to propose the initiative to
ley, Director of U of I s Women s Center,
the head dean who, in turn, proposed it to
raised the issue with the university s
the President of UNH.
Human Rights Committee.  At Buckley s
urging, the Committee recommended to
When the President showed little interest
the university administration a policy
in the measure, advocates developed a
banning anti gay discrimination.  In
strategy to obtain his support.  Their plan
pressing for the adoption of the proposal,
involved two guest speakers   Mary
Buckley and other advocates entered into
Frances Berry, then member of the U.S.
two months of negotiations with Univer 
Commission on Civil Rights, and then 
sity of Iowa officials.
Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young   both of
whom had been invited to speak at UNH
When the policy was proposed, adminis 
for a Black history seminar.  Organizers
trators raised a number of questions.
These included whether such a policy (1)
was actually needed, (2) would be the
The move to adopt a non 
only policy of its kind among colleges
discrimination policy at the
and universities, (3) would lead to possi 
University of Iowa grew out
ble conflict with discriminatory external
of concern about rising anti 
gay/lesbian vandalism and
agencies such as the CIA and the military,
graffiti on campus.
(4) would alienate alumni/ae, parents,
and the State Legislature, (5) would con 
flict with U of I s federally mandated
knew from research they had done that
affirmative action policy, and (6) would
Berry and Young were held in high
lead to a spate of lawsuits alleging anti 
esteem by UNH s President and were
gay discrimination by the college.
advocates of lgbt rights.  During the sem 
inar, several lgbt participants asked Berry
Buckley and others addressed these con 
and Young about their views on gay
cerns during the negotiation process.
rights.  When both expressed strong sup 
They educated administrators about the
port, the President was clearly moved by
wide scope of anti lgbt discrimination
their answers.  At the request of lgbt stu 
and harassment on campus and named
dents, after the seminar Mary Frances
many other schools that had approved
Berry privately urged the President to
policies disallowing discrimination based
approve the proposed anti discrimination
on sexual orientation.  Advocates
policy.  Soon afterwards, he did exactly
explained that adding "sexual orienta 
tion" to the list of already protected
N o n   D i s c r i m i n a t i o n   P o l i c i e s
M     1 6 7


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