L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Pomona had one as well.  Accordingly,
like reactionaries."  He also recommends
when the policy was proposed, the board
that activists seek the support of older,
passed it without any hesitation.
respected professors who carry the most
clout in the school.  "Get these professors
Hirsch observes in hindsight that if
to speak out for your cause.  Older facul 
activists at Pomona had done some back 
ty members have the least to lose and are
ground research on the Board of Trustees,
often more willing to speak up."  Hirsch
they would have discovered that most
also recommends that advocates build
board members were open minded and
coalitions with other supportive student
that some had worked for progressive
groups, alumni/ae groups, faculty and
companies.  According to
Hirsch, activists could
have saved
University of New Hampshire
Interview with Jim Keilly, former student
and staff member at the University of
New Hampshire.
According to Keilly, gay and lesbian
activists at the University of New Hamp 
shire first became interested in a non dis 
crimination policy when the University
President s Committee on Diversity
considerable effort if they proposed
found that gay men and lesbians were the
the resolution directly to the Board of
most frequent victims of discrimination
Trustees rather than dealing with the anti 
and harassment at UNH.  Campus orga 
gay dean at the lower level.
nizers responded to frequent anti lgbt
episodes by sponsoring educational
Hirsch recommends that activists deal
activities on campus, including an AIDS 
with opponents on a personal level and
Education Month, a lgbt History Week,
address their issues immediately and
and a lgbt Cultural Awareness Festival
directly.  For example, one of the major
that included forums, films, lectures,
concerns of some faculty members was
seminars and social activities.
that approval of an anti discrimination
policy would alienate alumni/ae and oth 
The resultant visibility from these events
er important supporters of the college.
prompted even more anti gay/lesbian
Proponents pointed out that many schools
harassment, including some death threats.
have adopted such policies without losing
In the wake of this harassment, activists
significant alumni/ae support.  They also
concluded that the school s judicial poli 
pointed out gay/lesbian and pro gay
cies did not adequately protect lgbt peo 
alumni/ae were valuable assets to the
ple, and that a policy was needed to
school and should not be ignored or
address anti lgbt discrimination and
In advocating for gay and lesbian rights,
Advocates of such a policy analyzed the
"the key," says Hirsch, "is to be calm and
administration and concluded that the
professional so that the opponents look
Dean of Student Affairs probably would
1 6 6
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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