A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
8) Direct Action:  
cessful efforts.  While players and the
If the key officials at your school are
strategies differed in each case, certain
intransigent and refuse to grant your
common problems and solutions are also
request, more confrontational means of
persuasion may be necessary.  Identify
the individuals who are the obstacles (e.g.
Pomona College
the University President, or the Chair of
Interview with Leonard Hirsch, Pomona
the Board of Trustees) and plan an action
Class of  76; Chairperson of Pomona s
that draws their attention   and that of
Gay and Lesbian Alumni/ae Association
the media and the entire community   to
your demands.  Choose an action that fits
According to Hirsch, Pomona s Faculty
your resources and objectives.  It may
Senate played a pivotal role in the
include a demonstration, a teach in,
school s decision to adopt a policy ban 
and/or sit in at the office(s) of your oppo 
ning anti gay discrimination.  The
nents.  If you decide to undertake an ille 
process began when several lesbian and
gal action, such as occupying the Presi 
gay faculty members recommended the
dent s office, participants should under 
policy to the dean of the college.  Unfor 
stand the possible consequences (includ 
tunately, the dean was homophobic and
ing expulsion and arrest).  Have a clear
would hear nothing of lesbian and gay
set of demands, always keep the channels
rights.  In order to force the dean to
of communication open, and know your
reconsider, the gay and lesbian faculty
"bottom line."  If your demands are met,
members asked Pomona s Faculty Senate
end the action promptly. 
to pass a resolution in support of the pol 
icy.  Advocates of the policy, both les 
It is important to remember that con 
bian/gay and heterosexual, met with
frontation tactics   especially acts of
skeptical faculty members in order to dis 
civil disobedience   are most appropri 
cuss their concerns and encourage their
ate after you have exhausted all other
support. Respected faculty members
means of persuasion and are willing and
were also called upon to speak up and use
prepared to accept the possible conse 
their political pull to convince members
quences of violating campus regulations
to vote for the resolution.  The supporters
or the law.  See Chapter 5,  Making
chose not to call for a vote on the mea 
Change,  for more information about
sure until they were convinced that there
direct action tactics.
would be a unanimous decision.  After
considerable lobbying, the resolution
passed by acclamation. Accordingly, the
Profiles Of Successful 
dean was obliged to recommend the poli 
Organizing Efforts
cy to the Board of Trustees.
The following are four case studies of
When members of the Board of Trustees
organizing efforts on college campuses
learned that Pomona did not already have
that resulted in the adoption of policies
a policy prohibiting discrimination on the
protecting lgbt people from discrimina 
basis of sexual orientation, many were
tion.  The information below was
surprised.  Several members of the board
obtained through interviews with individ 
worked for companies with anti discrim 
uals who were involved with these suc 
ination policies and had assumed that
N o n   D i s c r i m i n a t i o n   P o l i c i e s
M     1 6 5


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