L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
5) Proposal:  
of Congress, distinguished alumni/ae,
Write diplomatic letters to the key deci 
etc.) who are supportive, ask them to
sion makers that propose adding "sexual
send a letter or make a phone call.  Per 
orientation" (or "sexual and affectional
haps, if asked, they might come to cam 
orientation") to the school s non discrim 
pus to give a rousing speech on your
ination policy statement.  Your letter
should make the case for discrimination
protections and answer any questions or
objections raised by the administration.
Provide with your letter a list of colleges
and universities that have passed anti dis 
crimination policies. You may want to
highlight schools of equivalent academic
rank, comparable size, or in the same
6) Lobby:  
To add more weight to your proposal, ask
your supporters   including faculty,
staff, administrators, students and student
groups, friends, and parents   to do any
or all of the following:
7) Negotiation:  
write letters;
Once you have proposed a policy, you
and your allies may need to meet with
make phone calls; 
decision makers in order to discuss fur 
ther any questions or concerns they might
request meetings;
have.  During negotiations stress the
ways in which your interests and theirs
pass resolutions (from groups such as
actually converge.  While the approval of
the Student Government Association
a nondiscrimination policy will clearly
and the Faculty Senate); 
benefit lgbt people, you can point out that
such action is also in the interest of the
submit letters to the editor or submit
administration.  By approving the mea 
editorials to the campus newspaper;
sure, the administration will help to cre 
ate a more open academic environment
engage in a gesture of solidarity (such
and   importantly   avoid controversy
as wearing a pink triangle on a desig 
that could ensue if they do not take favor 
nated day);
able action.
participate in a speakout; and
If negotiations are to succeed, there must
be mutual trust. It is therefore important
organize a rally.
not to publicize the process or undermine
the negotiators on either side.  While
If there are local or national community
negotiations are ongoing, any show of
leaders (clergy, local officials, members
bad faith can lead to failure.
1 6 4
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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