L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
dents, staff, and faculty remain vulnera 
unknown, nearly 200 that we know of are
ble to unfair and unequal treatment and
listed on the following pages. 
are discouraged from reporting victimiza 
tion to campus or civil authorities.  Fail 
If your school has such a policy and is not
ure to expressly forbid anti gay discrimi 
listed, please notify NGLTF so that we
nation also sends a message to the cam 
can include it in our records.
pus community that lgbt people are sec 
ond class citizens and that discrimination
Strategies for Activists
against them is acceptable.
The following are suggested strategies
Further, banning such discrimination not
for activists on how to promote an anti 
only discourages mistreatment but also
discrimination policy. These strategies
creates an atmosphere where lgbt people
were recommended by students, staff and
can live and work without fear.  It sets a
alumni/ae who played key roles in per 
moral example for the campus and the
suading their colleges and universities to
surrounding community, indicating that
adopt anti discrimination measures.
discrimination against anyone because of
their sexual orientation is unjust, unfair,
1) Investigation of the Administrative
and intolerable. Finally, a non discrimi 
nation policy can serve as an important
Do a thorough investigation of your uni 
first step for other lgbt campus initiatives.
versity administration.  Who is in charge?
Once a school is on record as opposing
Who makes the decisions?  What is the
anti gay discrimination, lgbt organizers
line of authority in making policy deci 
can more easily press for other measures
sions?  Who in the administration, staff
to improve the quality of life   including
and faculty are widely respected?  You
must understand how the system works if
you are to make it work for you.  Target
Failure to expressly forbid
those administrators or administrative
anti gay discrimination also
processes for your lobbying effort.  Your
sends a message to the cam 
strategy may vary tremendously depend 
pus community that lgbt
ing on whether your target is the univer 
people are second class citi 
sity senate, the chancellor or the EEO
zens and that discrimination
against them is acceptable.
2) Investigation of the Administrators:
the establishment of a lgbt studies cur 
Find out what key administrators think
riculum, domestic partner benefits for
about a non discrimination policy. Who
gay and lesbian couples, and program 
are your friends in the administration?
ming to address homophobia among stu 
Who are your enemies?  What are their
dents and staff.
concerns, questions, and objections with
respect to such a policy?  You can obtain
Fortunately, a growing number of col 
this information by writing letters to key
leges and universities have recognized
campus officials requesting their views
the need to protect lgbt people from dis 
on this matter.  Meeting with them is also
crimination.  While the exact number of
advisable, as it may enable you to obtain
schools that ban such discrimination is
valuable off the record information.
1 6 2
P r a c t i c a l   A p p l i c a t i o n s


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