L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
sion.  This can be useful to educate the campus about the problem of homophobic harass 
ment.  Often a printed sheet accompanies the sticker which says something like:
The symbol is a green circle surrounding two triangles one pink and one black and bears
the words (name of your campus)  LGBT SAFE ZONE.  The green circle, the opposite of
the familiar red circle with a slash, signifies the displayer's willingness to be supportive
to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.  It also represents the inclusion of straight
allies of this community.
The pink triangle was used by the Nazis to label gay men and the black triangle was used
to label lesbians (and other  anti socials ).  These symbols have been adopted as symbols
of gay and lesbian identity, pride, and self esteem.The area bisecting these triangles rep 
resents the diversity of sexual  minorities  which includes bisexuals and transgender indi 
viduals.  The interconnectedness of human sexuality is thereby represented.
More information on this campaign can be obtained from:  Office of Student Activities,
Memorial Union Suite 126, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824 603/862 
You can design and have printed stickers and buttons of any type or variety, similar but 
tons and stickers to the SAFE ZONE ones that say  Straight But Not Narrow,  (you can
order this from Donnelly/Colt) have also been used as part of an educational campaign on
many campuses.  What you choose is limited only by your imagination.  You may have a
local organization that can do this for you, but if not Donnelly/Colt has been serving pro 
gressive movements nationwide for many years.  They already have a large stock of but 
tons and stickers, but they be happy to print anything that you send them.
You can order buttons, stickers, bumper stickers, etc. from 
Donnelly / Colt
PO Box 188
Hampton, CT 06247 
203/455 9621
1 5 6
A p p e n d i x   E :     P a m p h l e t s   &   P o s t e r s


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