L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
whether or not you realize it, gay people are part of your life   including someone you care
about.  Let s stop punishing people for loving.  Homophobia is the Crime.
HETEROSEXISM is the oppression of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals.  Heterosexism
includes: the belief in the superiority of heterosexuality and the inferiority of homosexu 
ality; the rights and privileges given to heterosexuals that are denied to gay people.  Het 
erosexism is revealed through: personal behaviors ("queer" jokes, graffiti, verbal and
physical harassment); institutional policies (discrimination in jobs, housing, immigration,
etc.   with no civil rights protection); cultural norms (no positive images of gays, lesbians,
or bisexuals in the media, in courses or as role models).  HOMOPHOBIA is the fear, dis 
gust, and hatred of lgbts or of the homosexual feeling in oneself.  Homophobia results in:
fear of associating with gays, lesbians, or bisexuals; fear of being perceived as gay, les 
bian, or bisexual; fear of stepping out of accepted sex role behavior; fear of knowing and
befriending over 10% of humanity.  WHO HAS HOMOPHOBIA STOPPED YOU FROM
"Absolute Queer" 
Absolute Queer.  This superb sexual orientation flourishes all over the world.  It has pro 
vided community, support, and love in accordance with diverse traditions.  It has been
known by many names and has existed since the beginning of time.  IMPORTANT:  Due
to homophobia, lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals are subjected to discrimination and
harassment which can be hazardous to one s health.  Alcohol and substance abuse can be
an unfortunate result of homophobia.  As in other populations, SOME gay people use sub 
stances to seek relief in a hostile world.  The gay community continues to work to educate
people about these issues.  ABSOLUTE QUEER.
"It s Not Just About Sex" 
Heterosexuality = Love. Homosexuality = Sex.  It s NOT just about SEX.  But it is about
time.  Time that gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people have the right to Life,
Love and Liberty.
"Natalie Barney"
Natalie Barney (1876   1972)  Poet, playwright, novelist, and essayist; one of the expatri 
ates in the artistic community of Paris.  She established a famous literary salon that for
over 60 years brought together French and American intellectuals and artists.  Over ten of
her works were published.  Natalie Barney was also a lesbian.  Homophobia may have
stopped you from knowing anything about Natalie Barney.  Who else does homophobia
stop you from knowing?
"Bessie Smith" 
Bessie Smith (1894?   1937)  Bessie Smith is regarded as one of the greatest jazz and blues
singers in history.  Her first record with Columbia Record Company, "Down Hearted
Blues," sold over 780,000 copies in 1924.  Twice married to men, Ms. Smith also had
many affairs with women. And as she sang in  T aint Nobody s Biz ness If I Do :    There
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A p p e n d i x   E :     P a m p h l e t s   &   P o s t e r s


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