L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Tongues Untied
Marlon Riggs  inspirational and acclaimed film combines poetry, personal testimony, rap, and perfor 
mance to describe the homophobia and racism that confronts gay African Americans. Alongside some
bleak tales of isolation and gay bashing, Riggs hints at the rich flavor of the Black male gay experience
  from protest marches and smoky bars to the language of the Snap Diva and Vogue Dancer. (55 min)
Rent video, 3/4" video, and 16 mm film from Frameline.
World and Time Enough
Mark (Matt Guidry), an HIV positive artist, is obsessed with building a cathedral in honor of his father.
Joey (Gregory G. Giles), his boyfriend, is a garbage collector who brings home favorite bits of junk to
comfort himself as he searches for his birth parents.  Their livers are very much like everyone else's:
they flirt with other people, mope about a lot, and enjoy the company of their gossipy friends.  (90 min)
16 mm, Strand.
Storme: The Lady of the Jewel Box
An intimate portrait of Storme DeLaverie, former M.C. and male impersonator of the legendary Jewel
Box Revue   America s first female impersonation show. The film profiles an extraordinary woman, an
era, and integral slice of Black and gay history. (21 min) Rent or purchase video or 16 mm film from
Women Make Movies, Inc.
Growing up in an oppressive boarding school Vera develops a masculine identity and dominates other
girls. She eventually dresses like a man and tries to convince herself and others that she is a man. The
film explores Vera s problem of living the life of a man trapped in a woman s body. (92 min).  16 and 35
mm, Kino International.
Wigstock: The Movie
With drag highly in vogue in Hollywood films, Wigstock: The Movie is a refreshingly real but wonder 
fully celebratory look at the high polish event and the pioneers who started it all, including founder and
emcee, The Lady Bunny.  Director Barry Shils vibrantly captures the nonstop glamour of Wigstock,
going from backstage preparations and rehearsals to the actual shimmering performances.  With a daz 
zling cast of thousands, including Lypsinka, Joey Arias, Deee Lite, Deborah Harry and Jackie Beat, this
is one extravaganza of a film you'll be pulling your hair pins out if you miss.  (82 min)  35 mm, Frame 
Below are the names, addresses and telephone numbers of companies that rent and/or sell films and
  Almi Pictures, Inc., 1900 Broadway, New York, NY 10023; 212/769 2255. 
  American Film Institute (Film and Television Service), 2021 North Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
  Basilisk, 44 Newman Street, London WI England. 
  BBC TV, Television Centre, Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ England. 
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