A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
ferences and difficulties in their attempt to kiss each other, only to have their efforts (and the accompa 
nying soundtrack music) repeatedly thwarted by the sound of shattered glass and strangers screaming
racist and homophobic remarks.  Set to music by Lebanese Canadian classical pianist Linda Shumas and
Chinese Canadian jazz pianist Lee Pui Ming.  (6 min)  16 mm, Frameline.
What Can I Do With A Male Nude?
A short comedy on the taboo of the male nude, the film is set in a photographic session where the pho 
tographer runs his model through the gamut of possibilities of "what might be permissible in respect of
a male nude." Prompted in part by the photographer, whose confidences to the audience constitute the
sound track. (23 min ) Rent 16 mm from Frameline.
Gay Men Fiction
Boys In the Band
Considered a classic, Boys In the Band uses camp humor to tell the story of a group of gay men brought
together to celebrate the birthday of one of their circle. Provocative, yet depressing, this film could be
considered a humane and penetrating documentary about gay men in the late 1960 s, as each character
struggles to cope with his gay identity. That time period lacks neither the perniciousness of the 1970 s,
nor the sobering reality of the 1980 s. It was produced the year following the Stonewall uprising. Orig 
inally a Broadway play by Mort Crowely. (119 min) Purchase video from Lambda Rising.
Dona Herlinda and Her Son(*)
An engaging, compassionate, richly textured comedy of manners, about a pair of young men, one a sur 
geon and the other a music student, who are having an affair   and what happens when they move in
together with the doctor s manipulative mom. (90 min) Purchase or rent video from Cinevista; also avail 
able from Home Film Festival.
Law of Desire (*)
An upside down. inside out cornucopia of love in all its guises, with murder, amnesia, and suicide stirred
in to complete the mix. The couplings and uncouplings happen so naturally that we accept and embrace
this flamboyant cast of characters. Rent or purchase video from Cinevista; also rent 16 mm and 35 mm
film from New Yorker Films.
Mala Noche
Filmed in the streets of Portland, Oregon, this highly stylized, black and white film is a realistic look at
a young gay man  s unrequited love for a 16 year old undocumented immigrant from Mexico. (78 min).
16 mm, Frameline.
My Beautiful Launderette
Set in England, the film portrays the love between a Pakistani youth and an English street tough. The
film is spiced with cultural tension and suspense as the two men work to build a laundromat and their
relationship. (93 min ).  16 mm, Films Incorporated.
A p p e n d i x   D :   F i l m   L i s t     M
1 4 9


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