L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Desert Hearts
A touching film about a female teacher who comes to vacation at a desert ranch and falls in love with
another woman (96 min).  35 mm, Frameline.
The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls In Love
Maria Maggenti's debut feature film tells the touching and comic story of first love between two girls in
their senior year of high school.  From the wrong side of the tracks, cuter and out tomboy Randy (Lau 
rel Hollomon) lives with her two lesbian aunts and works after school as a gas station attendant.  Mid 
dle class Evie (Nicole Parker) is the prettiest, smartest and most popular girls at school.  Convinced there
is something wrong with her posh Range Rover, Evie stops by the gas station one day.  Instantly taken
with one another, the two girls embark on a friendship that develops into a tender, but hilarious romance.
(93 min).  35 mm, Frameline.
Lianna, a wife and mother, must come to terms with her sexuality when she falls in love with Ruth. her
child psychology teacher. (110 min) Rent 16 mm film from Films Incorporated. 
Madchen In Uniform(*)
Set in an oppressive German boarding school, this 1931 classic depicts the intense love of a young girl
for her beautiful teacher. (90 min) Rent 16 mm film from Frameline or Films Incorporated.
Gay Men Short Films
Marlon Riggs  latest tape: an exploration of Black gay male desires and dreams, ranging from the droll
re telling of a first time sexual experience to the drive for re integration in the larger African American
community. (10 min) Rent 3/4" video from Frameline.
Deaf Heaven
The clearest and strongest comparison yet between the AIDS pandemic and the Holocaust.  A man who
is losing his lover to AIDS related dementia must find strength when his lover's parents threaten to take
him back to the Midwest to die.  An unexpected meeting at a sauna with a Jewish Holocaust survivor
teaches the young man much about what it means to live through the pain of AIDS and be a witness to
history.  (29 min)  16 mm, Frameline
Flames of Passion
This new British Film Institute short takes its title from the movie Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard
walk out of in the classic  40s weepy Brief Encounter. Richard Kwietniowski (who made Alfalfa and
Ballad of Reading Goal) adds a modern gay gloss to the same black and white brilliance, emotive
orchestration and train station seduction. (18 min) Rent from Frameline.
Thick Lips, Thin Lips
A musical experimental film about racist and homophobic violence.  Two men, one Asian (with a small
mouth and thin lips), the other Afro Caribbean (with a large mouth and thick lips), try to overcome dif 
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