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The Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives
Word Is Out is a serious chronicle of what it s like, on a very personal level to be a homosexual. This
landmark film presents interviews with numerous gay men and lesbians of various life styles, races,
ages, and socio economic backgrounds who talk about their lives with disarming candor. Their stories,
filled with laughter, warmth and wisdom, speak to all of us about the experience of being "different" in
America today. (130 min or 45 min. versions)  Rent or purchase 16 mm or 35 mm film from New York 
er Films.
Family and Youth Issues
Choosing Children
An emotionally powerful film that challenges our society s ideas about "family." An intimate look at the
issues faced by women who become parents after coming out as lesbians. (45 min) Rent 16 mm film and
video from Cambridge Documentary Films.
Educate Your Attitude 
From the four part Canadian series, Fresh Talk: Youth & Their Sexuality, this production features a
series of powerful first person stories addressed directly to the viewer.  Young men and women, ages 15
to 24, share their thought provoking, humorous, and sometimes painful reflections on growing up.  A
superb peer education resource for young adults and teens.  Frameline.
Five young gays and lesbians in New York City have produced their own vivid autobiographical por 
traits with the help of video maker Joan Jubela.  Each portrait is unique and each of these homoteens has
a style all his/her own (60 min).  Frameline.
Not All Parents Are Straight
This film exams the dynamics of the parent child relationships in several households where parents are
lesbian or gay. (58 min ) Rent or purchase 16 mm film or video from Cinema Guild.
Out: Stories of Lesbian and Gay Youth
A strong and spirited overview of the lives and struggles of lesbian and gay youth in Canada.  In this
groundbreaking film, director David Adkins covers a broad range of concerns as he breaks the silences,
smashes the stereotypes and boldly brings out a new generation of outspoken, articulate and proud les 
bian and gay young people (79 min).  16 mm film available from Film maker s Library.
Common Threads
Tells the Story of the first decade of AIDS in America. Shows the human face behind the statistics of the
epidemic and provides an unforgettable testimony to the strength and endurance of human spirit. Pur 
chase video from NAMES Project, 2362 Market St, San Francisco, CA 914114; 800/USA NAMES.
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