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Sample Questions For
Speakers Bureau Evaluation Forms
Speakers Bureau Self Evaluation (To be filled out by lead speaker):
Date, Place, Time
Speakers names    
Did the panel members meet at least fifteen minutes before the bureau to discuss 
Did the panel members meet at least fifteen minutes after the bureau to debrief?
How did your group feel it went?
What were the responses of the audience? (Did they generate their own questions? Could it have gone
longer? Should it have been stopped sooner?) 
Do you feel you worked well as a group? (Did everyone have approximately equal speaking time? Did
you tell a range of stories?)
Was there disagreement among the panel members? How was it resolved?
What was the majority of the time spent discussing?
Were there any questions the panel couldn't answer? What were they? 
Did you feel this bureau was helpful? Why? Why not?
Are there areas for improvement for next time? If so, what?
Evaluation Questions to be filled out by the person who requested the speakers bureau:
Date, Time, Place_____
Speaker's names
How many people attended?  How many did you expect?
What methods did you use to get people to attend? (Posters? Announcements? word of mouth?)
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