A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
ing information does little to change atti 
can be left in places they can be discreet 
ly picked up.  It is even better if you can
get your administration's support to dis 
It can be hard to get a discussion going
tribute them more officially.  The educa 
immediately after the lights go up.  Some
tional pamphlet,  Straight Talk About
viewers may feel dazed as they adjust to
Homosexuality,  by DiversityWorks, Inc.
the lights and process internally what
was distributed to all 37,000 UMass,
they have just seen.  You can facilitate
Amherst students, staff, and faculty
discussion by first asking the audience to
through the mail.  Other campuses have
comment in writing about the program
placed these educational brochures in ori 
and thus create a basis for discussion.  If
entation packets for incoming students.
the audience s written evaluations are
anonymous and handed in afterwards, it
Many groups and organizations produce
also gives you some honest feedback on
educational posters and pamphlets that
their reactions to the film.  It also helps if
you can purchase and use.  If you are
you have a panel or a few people in the
more ambitious you can make your own.
audience from your group who ask ques 
These can range from flyers or pamphlets
tions or express opinions.  You can also
that you xerox to professionally typeset,
ask people to pair up with someone and
designed, and printed ones.  In general
share their thoughts and reactions to the
the nicer they are the more impact they
film.  After people have a chance to
will have.  And in general you can
process in one of these forms, you may be
include more information in a pamphlet
surprised at the high level of participation
than on a poster.
by the audience.
Not only does the style vary, but the con 
(IV) Educational Materials:
tent of pamphlets and posters also can be
Posters, Pamphlets and Stuff
quite varied.  Listed in Appendix E (pp.
153 156) are numerous ideas for pam 
Most of the folks on your campus will
phlets and posters you can make from
never attend a speakers bureau or any
scratch and order from other campuses
other programs you sponsor.  However, if
and organizations.
you put posters, pamphlets, and stickers
around your campus they may have no
choice but to see them.  The same is true
for wearing buttons or chalking your
campus' walkways.  Of course this will
not insure they read them, but at least
they will feel your presence.  
One of the problems with posters is that
they are often torn down or defaced.  It is
important therefore to try to place at least
some of them in areas where that is less
likely to happen, such as under glass, in
administrative offices, or on the doors of
supportive faculty members.  Pamphlets
Photo   1995 Alex Zaphiris
E d u c a t i n g   Y o u r   C a m p u s     M     1 3 9


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