L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
through college inter library loans.
Rental charges may vary depending on
When ordering from a distributor, ask for
whether the film is being shown for edu 
a contract that clearly spells out their
cational, entertainment and/or fund rais 
obligations and yours.  Some other spe 
ing purposes.  If you charge admission
cific questions to ask include:
for a film, distributors will usually
require that you pay them a certain per 
What is the current price (including
shipping and handling costs)?;
centage of your income at the door, in
addition to the basic fee.  Before ordering
the film, be sure that you have adequate
Is it available on the chosen date?;
facilities and the necessary projection
equipment to show it.  Movies and docu 
How long is the rental period?;
mentaries may come in a variety of film
In what format is the movie available
and video formats.  Choose a format that
(VHS, 3/4" or 1/2" video; 8 mm, 16
you are equipped to handle.
mm or 35 mm film); and
Before and After the Show
Is the film subtitled or dubbed? What is
Before showing the film, it is advisable to
the original language?
run it once through to check for any tech 
nical problems and to make sure that pro 
jection equipment is running properly.  It
Other information you will need for plan 
is frustrating to find that you received the
ning and publicizing the film are:
wrong print or that the print is damaged
Director of the film;
or that the equipment is broken. Your
frustration will only be compounded if
The length of the film;
you do not learn about these problems
until the show is about to begin or is in
Date of release;
Names of key actors and actresses; and
Before and after the film is shown, you
have a great opportunity to educate your
Awards, if any, it has won.
audience about your group and its activi 
ties. Take time to thank those in atten 
When ordering a film always allow plen 
dance and those who helped to make the
ty of lead time.  It is not unusual for a dis 
event happen, to encourage membership
tributor to have only one copy of a print.
in your organization, to identify any
The sooner you place your order, the bet 
existing sexual identity support groups,
ter your chances are of getting the right
and to publicize your other upcoming
film for the right date.  Ordering a film
from a distributor outside the U.S. will
usually require extra shipping time.  Such
If you hope to educate people with the
films may also require import licenses
film, create an opportunity for discussion
and fees, and special projection equip 
afterwards.  Unless your audience has an
opportunity to ask questions and express
their feelings, the impact of the film will
Before ordering a film, explain to the dis 
be diminished. Real education involves
tributor your purpose in showing it.
interaction and exchange; merely receiv 
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