A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
campus groups to explore possible co 
those responsible for film programming
sponsorship of films.  The committee can
and request that lgbt films be included on
also research films and screen preview
the roster for the semester.  You can facil 
copies.  Unfortunately, when selecting a
itate the showing of gay films by provid 
film it is not always possible to ascertain
ing Student Activities staff with names
from distributors  catalogs whether the
and descriptions of the films you want to
film is appropriate for you. If uncertain,
be shown, and the companies that distrib 
ask other lgbt groups if they have ever
ute them.  If there are certain films that
shown the film and what they thought
your group repeatedly uses for education 
about it. You can also get more informa 
al purposes, ask your college or universi 
tion about a film by checking film refer 
ty to purchase them.
ence guides in your college library. In
addition, you can call  Frameline, a San
To reduce the cost of renting a film and to
Francisco based film distributor (phone
expand your audience, invite other stu 
415/861 5245 or Out on the Screen,
dent groups or members of the faculty to
sponsors of the Los Angeles Lesbian and
Gay Film Festival (213/951 1247). 
When choosing films, it is
If you are interested in renting a particu 
important that we be aware
lar film, you may want to request a pre 
of and sensitive to a wide
view copy from the distributor.  It is
range of different interests
important to view the program before
and concerns   ranging
showing it to an audience, especially
from anti lesbian violence to
when little is known about it.  Many stu 
dent groups can recall times when they
showed a film without screening it
co sponsor films.  For example, a wom 
beforehand   and regretted the result.
en s center or a women s studies program
All too often films that the sponsors
on campus may be interested in helping
thought might be entertaining and educa 
to rent and publicize a film with les 
tional only served to alienate, confuse
bian/feminist themes.  Other minority
and/or bore viewers.
student groups or faculty members may
be interested in co sponsoring gay films
Who Sponsors the Film?
that address Arab, Asian American,
Who says that lgbt people should be
African American, Jewish, Latino/a,
responsible for all gay programming on
Native American or other issues.  Anoth 
campus?  No "minority" group should
er cost saving suggestion: ask lgbt groups
shoulder alone the responsibility for
at nearby college campuses to co sponsor
holding educational and entertaining pro 
films with you.
gramming on their issues.  Your college
or university should sponsor films of
Ordering Films and Videos
interest to the entire range of enrolled stu 
Some films you will want may be cheap 
dents   including gay, bisexual and les 
er and closer at hand than you think.
bian students.  On many campuses, the
Before contacting distributors, find out
Student Activities Office sponsor films
what (if any) lgbt films are available in
throughout the semester, sometimes
your campus library.  Many films may
every week.  Arrange a meeting with
also be obtained at little or no cost
E d u c a t i n g   Y o u r   C a m p u s     M     1 3 7


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