L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
Thematic Programming
cant knowledge about homosexuality and
Another type of educational program 
homophobia.  Pink Triangles or Before
ming that has appeal and also can
Stonewall are good "beginner" films on
increase legitimacy is to organize your
lgbt issues and serve as a good basis for
activities according to specific themes,
dates, or events.  Some possibilities, with
examples of actual events produced at
As we all know, lgbt people are both male
UMass, Amherst appear in Appendix C,
and female, have differently abled bod 
pp. 143 144.
ies, and are members of every race, reli 
gion, class, age, and nationality.  Too
(III) Film and Video
often, however, lgbt programming
ignores the diversity of the lgbt commu 
Visual media   picture, films, and
nity.  When choosing a film, consider
videos   are among the most important
whether it will be relevant and meaning 
vehicles for educating ourselves and the
ful to gay people of color, lesbians, and
general public about lgbt issues.  LGBT
other populations within the diverse cam 
student groups and student activities staff
pus lgbt community.  Obviously no one
are always in search of educational and
film addresses equally all the differences
entertaining lgbt oriented programming.
among us, or deals with every aspect of
This section is devoted to making this
lgbt life and identity. Therefore when
task easier.  It includes some general
choosing films, it is important that we be
guidelines for selecting, ordering and
aware of and sensitive to a wide range of
showing films and videos, as well as a list
different t interests and concerns   rang 
of lgbt movies and documentaries in
ing from anti lesbian violence to AIDS.
Appendix D, pp. 145 152.
If you can show only one lgbt oriented
Choosing Films
film during the semester or the year, it
Before selecting a film or video, it is wise
may be better to choose one that will be
to consider several important questions:
relevant to a broad cross section of the
What is your goal in showing the pro 
campus community than one whose focus
gram?  Do you want to educate, entertain,
is too narrow.  To avoid losing your audi 
or both?  Is the film intended for an lgbt
ence or discouraging attendance at future
audience or do you intend for it to be
screenings, be careful about choosing
viewed by the entire campus community?
experimental films.  If you are ambitious
Will the film be shown alone, with other
enough to run a film series or hold a film
films, or as part of a continuing series?
festival, you can mix old standbys (such
Do you intend the film to be a prelude to
as The Times of Harvey Milk) with
discussion with a panel or will it be the
avant garde or specialized films for those
primary part of the program?  Answers to
with more unusual viewing interests.
these and other questions will help to
guide you in choosing films that will be
One way to ensure that your films are rel 
well attended and received.
evant and meaningful to a wide range of
people is to establish a film selection
If your goal is to educate your audience
committee that reflects the diversity of
about "gay 101" issues, choose a film that
the lgbt community on campus.  The
does not assume the viewer has signifi 
committee may wish to meet with other
1 3 6
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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