A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
ual reassignment), cross dressers (if they
The irrational fear of gay men, lesbians,
publicly or privately attire themselves in
and bisexuals, evolving from the myths
clothing typical of the opposite gender)
that we have all been taught by our par 
or by otherwise blurring "typical" gender
ents, teachers, and society.  The discom 
fort or negative feelings toward anyone
who deviates from sex role norms.
(II) Programming
There are various kinds of programs that
Men and women who form primary lov 
you can organize.  Some broad categories
ing and sexual relationships with others
of events include: 
, such as parties
of the same gender. The term "lesbian 
and dances; 
l, such as a concerts
refers to women, and the term "gay" gen 
and theatrical presentations; 
erally applies to men.  Although some
such as workshops, films, and speakers;
people use the term "gay" to refer to both
, for example, speak outs and
men and women, some lesbians find this
rallies; and 
, such as seminar
series and teach ins.  Of course, events
can be both entertaining and educational
In the Closet:  
at the same time.  In fact programs of this
A term used to refer to someone who has
type may attract more people.  
not revealed his or her sexual identity,
either to him/herself or to others.
Academic Programming
One type of programming that clearly
falls within the mission of education is in
The systematic subjugation of one (rela 
the academic arena.  Many people
tively less powerful) social group by
(including faculty and administrators) do
another (relatively more powerful) social
not know that lgbt Studies is a burgeon 
group which is sanctioned by cultural
ing academic field.  Organizing a lgbt
beliefs and institutional practices, the
Studies Series can provide your group
results of which benefit one group at the
with some academic legitimacy.  It will
expense of the other.
be harder for administrators to deny you
funding for such a worthy project and it
may be possible to get funding and co 
Inaccurate and/or negative beliefs about
sponsorships from various academic
another group and its members without
departments.  Organizing such a series
basis in fact or just grounds.  Prejudice is
can have the added advantage of begin 
often based on stereotypes and can occur
ning the process of educating your cam 
on a conscious and unconscious level.
pus community about the importance of
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender
Studies.  At the University of Massachu 
A transgender person perceives him/her 
setts at Amherst a weekly series has been
self as having a biological gender assign 
in place for three years.  (See Appendix
ment that is at odds with his or her self 
B, p. 142, for a sample of one semester's
image.  Such people may express them 
selves as transexuals (if they ve under 
gone or plan to undergo a process of sex 
E d u c a t i n g   Y o u r   C a m p u s     M     1 3 5


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