A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
7. What Causes Homophobia?
U.S. heterosexual couples are choosing
Homophobia is an irrational fear or
not to have children.  Fewer than 10% of
hatred of homosexuality.  Homophobic
Americans live in a family configuration
individuals are usually people who have
of a man who works outside the home
problems dealing with other minorities or
with a wife who stays home to raise their
people who are different from them 
children.  Families are much more
selves.  Many believe that homophobia
diverse now.  The job of civilization is to
stems from the same impulses as racism
pass on to the next generation the accu 
or sexism.  In some cases, behaviors or
mulated knowledge and culture of the
attitudes that are described as homopho 
society.  LGBT people have always con 
bic are more accurately labeled "hetero 
8. Does Society Really Discriminate
Against LGBT People?
Absolutely.  LGBT people are subjected
to private and public discriminatory prac 
tices every day.  They are fired, refused
jobs, denied insurance, refused housing
and murdered   just because of who and
how they love.  Unlike some other
groups, gays and lesbians can  pass. 
And many are 
to hide to avoid
such discrimination.  When they are open
they are told they are "flaunting it."
However, heterosexual people can freely
talk of the people they are attracted to,
who they are seeing, and bring their sig 
nificant others to a work related event or
party without confronting the charge that
they are "flaunting" their sexuality.  lgbt
Photo   1995 Alex Zaphiris
people don t want special privileges, just
equal rights and treatment
tributed to this process as family mem 
bers, parents, artists, teachers, religious
9. Does Homosexuality Threaten the
leaders, performers, service providers
Family or Civilization?
and so on.
Under the definition of what a family is
  two or more people sharing resources,
Terms associated with homosexuality
goals, ideas and living together   lgbt
couples, with or without children, 
families.  Some people believe that if
A heterosexual person whose attitudes
society accepts homosexuality the human
and behaviors are anti heterosexist, who
race will cease to reproduce.  There have
is committed to increasing his or her own
always been people in every culture who
understanding of issues related to homo 
do not reproduce.  In fact, some religious
phobia and heterosexism, and is actively
orders proscribe this.  Increasingly in the
E d u c a t i n g   Y o u r   C a m p u s     M     1 3 3


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