L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
2) How is Homosexuality or Heterosexu 
that it's all right to discriminate against
ality Determined?
A more appropriate question would be:
"What causes human sexuality over the
4) Are LGBT People Easily Identified?
whole range of the heterosexual/homo 
Many people have a preconceived idea of
sexual continuum?"  Some studies have
what lgbt people look like or act like.
shown that the causes are hormonal or
Gay men, for instance, are believed to
genetic while others have demonstrated
have soft facial features, graceful walks
strong links to learning and experience.
and a fondness for stylish clothes.  Les 
In fact, then, the correct answer is we
don't know.  What's key is to discuss the
LGBT people have the same
question with the audience.  The reason
range of feelings of love as
relatively few teenagers express homo 
other human beings.
sexual feelings is that they find it difficult
to relate to the presumed stereotypes or
they are held back by simple fear.  The
bians are thought to have broad features,
feelings are there, but the freedom to air
are athletic and wear masculine clothing.
them is not.  It is difficult to take an open
These are not true.  In fact, many people
stance on one s gay feelings in a hostile
one meets daily are lgbt but don t fit into
society, yet many do rather than living
these stereotypes. 
under the pressures of assuming a false
5. Is Homosexuality a Matter of Choice?
3. How Many LGBT People are There?
Sexual feelings are not a matter of choice.
It is difficult to give a precise answer,
Sexual feelings (same sex and opposite 
however, a common figure used is 10%
sex) and feelings  related to gender iden 
of the population (although Alfred Kin 
tity are determined by early childhood.
sey's research during the 1940s, from
Choice does play a part, however, in the
which this figure is derived, actually
way  one decides to respond to his/her
reported that 10% of those in his sample
feelings and integrate them into his/her
have primarily same sex sexual contact
for at least three years during their adult
life).  That would mean that the number
6. Is Homosexual Love the Same as Het 
of gays in the United States is about
erosexual Love?
20,000,000 people.  More recent studies
Most people understand that heterosexual
have indicated figures as low as 1% of the
love is not only about sex.  But straight
population and as high as 6 7%.  lgbt
people tend to think think that homosex 
people cross every socioeconomic and
ual love is strictly sexual.  This is not
cultural group.  Conventional wisdom
true.  LGBT people have the same range
would have us assume that probably one
of feelings of love as other human beings.
of every ten people a person deals with a
They just don t have the sex roles to fall
day is lgbt.  The point that really needs to
back on in a relationship that heterosexu 
be made, however, is that numbers are
als do. 
irrelevant to whether lgbt people should
have basic human rights.  Jews are only
2.5% of the US population; no one argues
1 3 2
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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