A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
5. Where do you go on dates?
20. Do you feel that you are pressured by
society to stay "in the closet?"  How do
6. What brings a lgbt person "out of the
you cope with that?
closet?" Is it hereditary?  
21. What is bisexuality?  Aren't bisexuals
7.  How many people are lgbt in college
really just avoiding making a choice?
in general and how many are "out of the
22. What is transgender?  Why are trans 
gender people included?
8. What do you do in bed? How did you
know what to do?
23. Have you ever been discriminated
against because of your sexuality?
9. Are you attracted to everyone of the
same sex that you meet?
Short Responses to Frequently Asked
Questions About Homosexuality
10. Do you feel comfortable with being
gay and what kind of pressures do you
1. Who is homosexual?
feel because you re gay?
The words homosexual or homosexuality
are adjectives.  They are used to describe
11. Can you be legally married any 
a person but are not a complete descrip 
tion.  One cannot categorize a person as
homosexual very easily.  Actually we
12. What makes you gay?
know that sexuality runs on a continuum
ranging from completely homosexual to
13. Did you have an unhappy childhood?
completely heterosexual.  Most individu 
Is that why you re gay?
als fall somewhere in between, with peo 
ple who embrace their attraction to both
14. How accepting do you find the envi 
genders identifying themselves as bisexu 
ronment here?  In what ways have you
al. People who express their sexuality in
been oppressed?
preference to those of the same sex prefer
to be called gay (if male) or lesbian (if
15. If you had children would you want
female) rather than homosexual.  Trans 
them to be gay?  
gender people have a self perception of
their gender that differs from their bio 
16. Do your parents know?  If so, how
logical gender assignment and may
have they reacted?
express themselves as 
they ve undergone or plan to undergo a
17. Isn t it immoral to be gay?  How do
process of sexual reassignment), 
you reconcile your sexuality with your
(if they publicly or privately
attire themselves in clothing typical of
the opposite gender) or as 
, as
18. How do you meet/find other lgbts?
in transcending the boundaries of a
stereotyped gender dichotomy.   
19. Are people gay because they don t
like having sex with the opposite sex?
E d u c a t i n g   Y o u r   C a m p u s     M     1 3 1


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