L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
c. "I feel disappointed by attitudes like
Since we re all here to learn, let s move
on to other people s questions."  Or "I
think I ve already answered that; let s
Remember:  Take advantage of your co 
give some other people a chance to ask
presenters.  Perhaps one of them would
their questions."
like to answer the questions or will better
know how to deal with the situation. You
Disruptive hostility
are not   out there  alone.
"You obviously have a point you want to
Dealing With Hostility
make.  Rather than turn this discussion
into an argument, let s be fair about it.
Why don t you take two minutes to say
Verbal hostility can range from a simple
whatever it is you want to say without
question with veiled hostility, to an out 
interruption, and then we ll go back to the
right statement like "you disgust me,  to
a person disrupting the entire engagement
to make a point.  The following tech 
niques can help you diffuse a hostile situ 
ation before it has a chance to ruin the
Remember, most of your audience, even
if they disagree with you, does not want
to see you harassed.  If you can diffuse a
potentially hostile situation without get 
ting defensive, you will win some points.  
Hostile question
Explain   to the audience in general as
general discussion (or presentation) with 
well as to the person who asked the ques 
out further interruptions from you.  Go
tion   what assumptions you think the
ahead, you have two minutes."
asker is making, and why these assump 
tions are false.  Try to give a calm alter 
native to that of the questioner:  "No, I
Questions Most Frequently Asked
don t believe I am going directly against
the word of God, anymore than when I
1. Was being Gay something you always
eat shrimp or pork."
knew you were or did you decide as you
became more mature?
Hostile statement
"Thank you for your opinion.  It isn t
2. Are you glad you ve come out? Are
always easy to express what society
you happy?
teaches us as facts.  I do not agree how 
ever.  Here s what I think... 
3. When/How did you know you were
homosexual?  How did your family react
Persistent hostility
when they found out?
 We have a difference of opinion that I
don't think we can solve here today.
4. What s the worst part about being gay?
1 3 0
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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