A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
straight.  If it's a lgbt studies course, don't
Working With Co presenter(s)
assume they are all lgbt people or that
The importance of asserting your individ 
they are educated about our issues
uality has been stressed frequently.  This
because they ve studied them.  In a seem 
is great, but it could become a problem in
your interactions with your co presen 
ter(s).  You will not be the only person
presenting material to the audience, so it
is imperative that you form a strong rap 
port with your co presenter(s) and work
as a team.  What you will find, though, is
that it is easy to step on each other s lines
and to interrupt each other, and you may
find that what the other says is incorrect
or completely different from what you
have to say.  You must have patience and
respect for the person with whom you are
working.  Although this may at times be
difficult, certain skills will make it easier.
ingly less safe environment, don't assume
that all attendees are homophobic;
First and foremost, you must be com 
pletely willing to communicate with your
18. DON T get into overly long personal
partner(s).  If, after a panel, you feel as
anecdotes.  DO communicate personal
though your time to speak was constantly
feelings; and
interrupted, or that your comments were
ignored by your co presenter(s), tell them
19. DON'T let the Q&A section get side 
how you feel.  Of course, do not do so
tracked onto one or two narrow issues
angrily; be gentle.  Feedback is difficult
(religion, AIDS, etc.).  If you feel that
for all of us. However, there will general 
one subject is monopolizing the discus 
ly be no supervisor there to make com 
sion, steer away from it after it has been
ments and suggestions.  Each of us must
covered sufficiently.  Say: "I think that
help our colleagues to grow and further
we ve talked enough about X for awhile,
his or her skills.  
let s move on to other areas".  If the audi 
ence resists this, use your best judgment
Secondly, remember that you may be
to determine their mood.  Remember that
doing the same irritating things as your
it is important to answer a broad range of
co presenter(s). This is true not only
because we all tend to make similar mis 
takes when doing panels, but also
Remember, seventy percent of all com 
because we tend to feed off each other.  If
munication is through facial expressions.
one of us is talking too much, the other
Fifty percent of that is communicated
may also begin speaking too much, to
through the eyes.  Only thirty percent of
make his or her voice heard, as well. Try
all communication is verbal. 
to monitor your own behavior.  Ask your 
self, "Am I talking too much? Am I cut 
ting anyone off?"  The more we are will 
ing to work on our own issues, the more
E d u c a t i n g   Y o u r   C a m p u s   M     1 2 7


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