L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
what it might be like, for instance, if there
ask for pity.  Be careful of attitudes which
are people you know in the audience .
may be interpreted as hostile or defen 
Other concerns about being a speaker,
such as dealing with nervousness, or
gauging how open to be with an audience
9. DO respect fellow team members and
may be discussed with other speakers pri 
interact with the entire speakers bureau
or to the program;
team. DON T dominate the discussions;
2. DO respect the audience.  Point out
10. DO restate each question, and ask (if
that there may be gay people in the audi 
the question is verbal) if you ve under 
stood it correctly.  Speak loudly and
3. DO stress your individuality, that gay
people are diverse, that you are speaking
11. DO look at the audience; 
only from your own experience and that
you don t represent all lgbt people;
12. DO be concise; 
4. DO try to give a rounded picture.  Pre 
13. DO use "I" statements as much as
sent views on lgbt issues that balance
possible.  For example: 
your own.  Say: "I feel/think...... but I
YOU Statement
: As a gay person, life is
know others may feel/think...;"
not worth living until you come out of the
5. DO explain your terms; watch your jar 
gon.  Don t over generalize.  Know your
I Statement
: As a gay man/lesbian, my
facts. Be accurate in quoting research.
life was not worth living until I came out
DON T make guesses.  Say "I don t
of the closet.  
know" any time you re not sure of any
YOU Statement
: Straight people really
6. DO disagree if you and the other team
offend us when they say gays are more
members have differences of opinion.
promiscuous than they are.
DO NOT argue in front of the audience
  simply state that you have a different
I Statement
: I feel offended when some 
point of view than your colleague and
one says that gays are more promiscuous
explain your opinion briefly;
than heterosexuals;
14. DO watch and listen for signs of bore 
7. DO respect lgbt people.  DON T dis 
own any part of the gay community.
DON T promote stereotypes (gay or non 
15. DON'T personalize hostile remarks
gay).  NEVER identify lgbt individuals
or verbal assaults;  
by name (except for openly gay public
16 DON'T be defensive or sarcastic.
Avoid  in jokes; 
8. DO stress that lgbt people are
oppressed.  DON T fall into playing vic 
17. DON'T make assumptions about the
tim, treat the audience as the enemy, or
audience.  Don t assume they are all
1 2 6
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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