A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
3. Each speaker briefly tells his/her  sto 
Prompting the Discussion Section
ry.   Stories should have a theme and be
What should you do in awkward
illustrating a point you want to make.
moments when the audience isn't asking
Sharing enlightening or amusing anec 
any questions?  Here are some sugges 
dotes is very effective in telling your sto 
ry.  The stories should generally be kept
to five minutes each;
1. Encourage questions.  You might say
something like:
4. To encourage questions from those
who may be the most likely to have
We won't be offended by any question you
homophobic thoughts or prejudices
ask. Even if the question itself is offen 
regarding lgbt people (we do not want to
sive, we can tell you why it is.  We may
have a discussion solely between panel
not answer every question, as that is one
members and those who already  get it ),
of our ground rules.  But please ask and
the lead speaker should request that the
we will let you know, generally, why we
audience members write questions they
are choosing not to an
wish to have answered on 3x5 cards,
which are then collected by the modera 
2. Have some questions you want to
tor for the question and answer period.
answer.  You might say, "One of the ques 
Ask all participants to hand in the cards
tions I m often asked...; 
whether or not they have a question, to
allow for total anonymity of questioning; 
3. Tell another anecdote;
5. The moderator reads the cards to panel
4. Ask your co speaker a question that
members and panel members offer to
you really want to hear the answer to. (Or
answer them.  During this period, panel
that you know they have a good answer
members engage in dialogue with the
audience as well as answer questions
directly from the cards.  If cards were not
5. Have audience write questions down
used, open the floor to questions.  You
on paper, collect them, and read and dis 
may have to encourage questions by rais 
cuss them;
ing possible questions; and
6. Use humor (if you re comfortable with
6. The moderator closes the program and
it).  For instance, you might say, "Oh, you
hands outs evaluations and various hand 
don t have any questions for me?  I ve got
outs with additional resources for the
one  for you.  What made you choose to
audience.  (Appendix A, pp 140 141,
be heterosexual?;" and
contains sample questions for  evaluation
7. Postpone the Q&A by involving your
audience with prepared exercises/ques 
After the program, be prepared to talk
with audience members to answer further
questions. An individual might need a
Some Basic Speakers Guidelines
referral, so be prepared to offer this.  Be
1. DO assess your own comfort about
supportive and low key.
speaking before a group.  Think about
E d u c a t i n g   Y o u r   C a m p u s   M     1 2 5


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