L G B T   C a m p u s   O r g a n i z i n g
4. Who would like to be designated to
3 Anonymity:  Some speakers are com 
select questions from the audience?;
pletely out of the closet; others are not.  If
you are speaking and are concerned about
5. Are there certain topics one of you is
anonymity, the panel should make a relat 
more or less comfortable discussing?
ed statement to those attending the panel.
Any special anecdotes you want to tell?;
An appropriate statement would be:  We
have chosen to come here today and
6. Do you want to use your last names or
share personal information about our
just your first?; and
lives.  Because discrimination against
lgbt persons is still considerable, we ask
7. Do you have any particular problems
that you respect our personal choice relat 
you want the other speakers to watch out
ed to who we tell our sexual orientation
for, and how do you want that handled?  
and specifics about our lives  and
In general, get to know your co speakers
4) We each speak only for ourselves.  We
at least enough so that the audience
do not represent all lgbts.  We will try to
understands that you are working togeth 
use "I" sentences and avoid broad gener 
er in a professional manner.
Ground Rules For Bureau
There are no stupid ques 
The Lead Speaker should make sure that
tions and we should
the following ground rules are clarified at
approach the audience with
the beginning of the engagement:
respect and the understand 
ing that having grown up in
1. There are no stupid questions and we
a very heterosexist society
should approach the audience with
they are likely to ask ques 
respect and the understanding that having
tions that might actually
grown up in a very heterosexist society
seem really stupid, yet be
they are likely to ask questions that might
quite valid.
actually seem really stupid, yet be quite
valid from their perspective.  Corre 
spondingly, if a question seems humor 
Basic Speakers Panel Format
ous and/or ludicrous, it is O.K. to laugh,
While formats for particular programs
provided the audience understands that
may vary slightly, the following is a gen 
the panel is not laughing at them, but that
eral outline of a speakers bureau panel
from our perspective a question reflecting
an all too common stereotype seems
ridiculous and on some level funny; 
1. The person who requested the speakers
bureau introduces the panel as represen 
2. We maintain the right to not answer a
tatives from your organization;
question for whatever reason.  If a ques 
tion is offensive or overly personal,
2. The Lead Speaker introduces herself or
speakers are in no way obligated to
himself and explains the format and
ground rules to be followed.  This is a
good time to also mention various
resources on campus; 
1 2 4
B u i l d i n g   a   H e a l t h y   O r g a n i z a t i o n


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