A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
strongly about their love that they are 
speakers have already done, the available
willing to take a risk, so don t stare or 
times of speakers, and the diversity of the
harass them if you see this happen;
panel.  One of the speakers is designated
as the Lead Speaker.
Function Of The Lead Speaker
1. The Lead Speaker is in charge of
reminding the other speakers of the time,
date and location of their presentation
and a scheduled time to meet beforehand
Realize that if you are in a group of a
to determine logistics and other details; 
dozen people, chances are that some 
one there is gay.  Don t exclude him or
2. The Lead Speaker moderates the pan 
el, informs about campus or area
resources and announces the ground rules
Participate in gay pride marches.  Lots
(see below);
of straight people are there;
3. S/he also coordinates the meeting
f you read an article or see a program
afterwards for a quick debriefing to give
that is offensive to lgbt people, write a
one another feedback.  (This is an impor 
letter of complaint;
tant part of self monitoring the bureau);
Don t assume that anyone is gay or
straight.  Don t assume that someone
The Lead Speaker collects and returns
you meet is straight.  Don t assume that
all the evaluation forms to the program.  
someone you see walking with one of
us is gay;   
Before A Speaking Engagement
It is very helpful for the speakers to get
Don t point us out to your friends and
together before the engagement and dis 
say,  Look at that gay person."  We will
cuss both their personal styles and the
come out to whomever we choose at
particular logistics for this presentation.
whatever pace we choose; and
This can be done in the car going to the
engagement, at a coffee shop, or in the
Be aware of the words that you choose. 
hallway just before you are about to go
on.  The following topics are useful to
How to Organize a Speakers Bureau 
It is useful to have a coordinator who will
1. Is there a specific topic requested to
oversee the list of trained speakers and
talk about by the person requesting the
will respond to requests for speakers.
The process of becoming a speaker will
be discussed a bit later.  When a request
2. What do we want to talk about relating
comes in, the coordinator assembles a list
to this?;
of possible speakers for that request  This
list is determined by the type of speakers
3. Who will speak first?; 
requested, how many engagements
E d u c a t i n g   Y o u r   C a m p u s     M     1 2 3


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