A   C o m p r e h e n s i v e   M a n u a l
Responsibility of Members
The Training Manual
It is important to clarify the role and
A training manual is useful to familiarize
responsibility of the volunteer members
new speakers bureau members with the
of your speakers bureau. Here are some
structure, policies, and processes of the
that may be useful:
speakers bureau.  It can help members
think through some of the concerns they
1. Participate in the initial training;
might have speaking in front of groups,
discussing emotional or controversial
2. Attend speakers bureau meetings and
issues, and confronting homophobia.  It
on going trainings (about once every
can also provide some factual informa 
tion on different subjects so that speakers
can be well informed on issues besides
speaking about their own personal expe 
Purpose of the Panel Presentation 
Although greatly increasing numbers of
lgbt people are choosing to be open and
honest about their affectional and sexual
orientation,  many are still closeted and
consequently invisible.  The invisibility
of lgbt people contributes to the flourish 
3. Meet with fellow speakers to plan
ing of myths, stereotypes, misinforma 
before the speaking engagement;
tion, fear and confusion about lgbt peo 
ple.  The speakers bureau's philosophy is
4. In general, follow the established
that fear, homophobia and the resulting
speakers bureau format;
oppression and violence of heterosexism
are often products of ignorance.  By let 
5. Represent the goals of the speakers
ting people get to know us, we hope to
bureau in your presentations;
dispel some of the myths, stereotypes and
misinformation present in society about
6. Fill out and return an evaluation of
lgbt people.  Speakers bureau members
each speakers bureau program in which
break down the silence by talking with
you participate;
people about their lives.  
7. Hand out, collect, and return the eval 
The task is to make each member of our
uations from the audience;
audience feel a personal connection with
homophobia.  As the Boston Gay and
8. Exchange feedback with co speakers
Lesbian Speakers Bureau says,
after each speakers bureau; and
We help our audiences begin to see gay
9. Keep your commitments:  return phone
men and lesbians (as well as bisexuals
calls, be on time, attend meetings, do
and transgender people) as people
what you agree to do.
instead of as an abstract evil.  We show
them our humanity, our intelligence, our
humor, compassion, vulnerability and
E d u c a t i n g   Y o u r   C a m p u s     M     1 2 1


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